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The answer: in slow development. Scheduling can be a *****, and ambition doesn't always agree with the former, but be assured that I am working on the next installment in this series.

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Hello guys and girls,

Now that Episode 1 is running along smoothly (to some degree), I can focus more of my attention on Episode 2. What I can tell you now is that Episode 2 will be different in structure to this one. I'm shooting for a sort of open-world-ish structure. By open-world, I mean that you don't have to follow one particular path. In the next one, I'll have multiple ways of achieving the resolution of the story. It's my attempt at switching things up a bit.

I won't post a separate update about the mod yet, rather, I'll keep some of its information here until I feel I've made enough progress to do otherwise, but expect slightly larger things from my next mod than in this one. It ought to be fun.

-Mine Co Out.


Looking forward to it. Don't rush it, take your time. Not that you'd need that advice. =)

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The_Mine_Corporation Author

Thanks, I know I take forever on these mods.

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