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Winter is coming. And with it there will be snow. Snow represents hunkering down, staying inside, keeping warm, and enjoying that time with friends and family. But that can all be flipped upside down when snow is made into a ball. A vengeful ball that has no pity or mercy in the direction of anything you care about. Snowballs wipe your conscious blank, rendering you a slave to their bidding. lol.

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Snowball Fight

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Remember that HL1 snowball fighting mod back in the day? It was around for one of those winter season. I always thought someone would bring it back for HL2 and I'd get to re-live that fun mods game play all over again. No one did tho, and Ill be damned if I let that happen again this year! Here's a snowball fighting mod for release this winter!

Set to release in early December (you will be done FO4 by then right?) I'm going to be blitzing the development process along and aiming at lesser than high quality. But at good enough quality and fun game play. When I get things working I tend to leave some bugs in to squash for the last couple weeks and implement all the basic features I need in there first. I hope you will follow the games development and even more so, I hope you will gather with some friends and go to war with each other in Snowball Fight when its complete, cursing, threatening, and telling each other to 'Suck It Down'!
I hope you all like my mod :D

Got some videos uploaded too!, and I'm going to be making gameplay videos every Thursday to capture the games development.

Help wanted for mapping!
Snowball Fight is compatible with HL2dm maps (SF code strips HL2DM maps of their weapons, and health chargers, everything..), but it would be nice to have some customs maps that I could pack with the mod for Dec 4th. Anyone who wants to map can have alpha and beta access. :D You do need to know how to add a material type to your textures tho, if your going to use custom textures.

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