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So news about the SNL Game.

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Hi lads, so far, Stargate No Limits is still advancing really good, lotta improvments has been made lately and everything is going fine. In order to advance it the best possible, the SNL team is still looking for :
- Props modelers, in order to help mappers to create nice stuffs to add into playable maps
- Vehicle modelers, in order to create severals stuffs such as Hummers, jeeps, defensive and offensive turrets etc
- Musicians, in order to add cool ambients music into maps
- UDK animators, in order to create the most possible animation to make the game the most realistic possible
- Experienced UDK mappers to help the existing mappers and/or create their own maps
- Sounds designers in order to create good weapon's sounds and vehicle sounds
The SNL team is also looking for people willing to help for the spatial part of the SNL Game. To do so, the Team needs :
- UDK animators
- Music composer to create spatial theme musics
- Experienced UDK mappers to build nice spatial areas
- Props modelers that will be in charge of the creation of everything concerning Ships and spatial weapons
- Ships modelers to add nice ships to the one we already have
- Unreal scripters
The whole team is waiting for you lads, let's create a nice, cool and fun game all together !
Feel free to contact the Team in here, or PM us, Darknigthmare, Roulious, and we'll respond you as soon as possible in order to see how we could work together.

The SNL Team.


Maybe I can help you. I just did some maps for older Unreal Engines (Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex) and I'm learning how to model and animate characters using Autodesk XSI.

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Hey, I'm interested in the music parts. I only play piano and bass but I like to have fun with a mixing software.

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