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A Beta with multi-monitor fixes, Minimalist improvements and new font textures.

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A beta of the upcoming 1.1.9. Note: If you're currently doing a play-through with the Minimalist Project enabled installing this beta is not recommended. (Savegames will appear to be gone and while they can be restored they may not be fully compatible.)

If you've had problems with dual/multi-monitor setups, especially on Windows 10, please test this version and report back - feedback is appreciated both if it's an improvement and if you still have issues.

Another thing where some feedback would be nice: There's a new small mod containing font textures. Currently it's the plan to enable this by default. But the new Papyrus texture, while definitely easier on the eyes, is also somewhat bland looking - or maybe I've just been looking at the original text for too long... What do you think - is it OK to have it enabled by default?

The Minimalist Project has had a big work-over to increase configurability. Screenshots etc. are held back for the 1.1.9 release but you can read about it in this TTLG post. Feedback on these changes are of course also welcome.

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