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Zoom releases a short video on the work in progress, WIP, of integrated voice coms. Take a look. Plus some testing of Operation Chokepoint. Subscribers to WWII Online can get a Chokepoint Key to join in Play testing going on today, early access (alpha), plus more!

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Please enjoy this first look at Integrated Voice Comms (IVC) which is currently in alpha testing. The RATS remain hard at work, and your subscriptions are helping make developments like these possible. Thank you, S!. or click below.

Video Link to Alpha Demo IVC

Subscribers - Get your Chokepoint key!


Active WWII Online Premium Subscribers are now eligible to receive their WWII Online: Chokepoint keys. Remember this is an early access (alpha) stage in development and is designed to showcase innovation taking place to modernize and expand the WWII Online Franchise and does not represent a final product, or the evolution of WWII Online 2.0 - the grand scale campaign experience. Be sure to join us this Sunday at 12PM Pacific (2PM Central, 3PM Eastern) for an online playtest (same time every Sunday). Subscribe to get your key at


IVC - A Game Changer

xoom IVC or Integrated Voice Communications is a game changer for WWII Online.

We've talked about implementing this into the game for years, and for many, it's been a "that would be cool but probably won't happen" sort of thing, but I am here to tell you that it is and that we are in a more advanced testing phase where we are experiencing what kind of impact this is going to have for WWII Online. Continue reading to learn more about what IVC means and how it will radically improve the in-game experience for new and veteran players alike.

Read more Full explanation: What is IVC, How it will work, what does it mean, observations so far and summary.

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