World War II Online recreates the brutal war in Western Europe in a zone-less 300,000 SQ KM game world! Free-to-play, MMOFPS, true combined arms action, with over 100 historically accurate weapons and vehicles, 10 personas, and much more! Do you think you have what it takes? Enlist Now!


  • Online World War II MMO
  • Zoneless 300,000 SQ KM Map
  • Thousands of players on ONE inter-connected server
  • First Person Shooter [Ground - Air - Sea]
  • Player Driven Strategic Layer
  • Physics based damage model, ballistic system and flight model.
  • Over 100 historically modeled weapons and vehicles

World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer FPS, simulation game set in the Western Front of WWII. The game offers a strategic and persistent winnable Campaign that is completely player-driven, both in the strategic planning and players fighting to control territory.

Its scale is a massive 300,000 SQ KM that is an interconnected and zone-less game world offering total freedom for players. This scale allows for truly immersive combined arms pvp combat. Communication between the Army, Air Force, and Naval units that are engaged will help determine the outcome! There are no limitations to how many players can interact in a battle space.

All weapons, vehicles, munitions and ordinance perform according to realistic values. We have achieved this through direct access to historical archives, a network of military experts and our advanced proprietary game engine that goes in depth like never before. Armor on tanks and aircraft, as well as their internal components, are modeled down to the millimeter.

Our damage models go into extreme detail with each component being destroyable in vehicles including crew, weapon storage, gas tanks and more! You don’t just shoot a hitbox?NO! With every shot fired, multiple calculations take place that determine the round impact consequences. Some of these include; angle of obliquity, speed of round at impact, thickness of the armor, internal spall, armor penetration, parts of tank damaged, etc.

Just like in real life, the outcome of each engagement will be determined by strategy, tactics, teamwork, and your weapon handling skills! In WWII Online there are no special power ups or item buys giving someone a special advantage against other players. Every rifle is just as lethal whether you are a premium subscriber or a free player.

Since our original release in 2001, our community and game has provided memorable and challenging game play experiences. WWII Online’s game play is unmatched in terms of scale, realism and replay ability.

Do you think you’re hardcore enough to play with and against some of the most battle-hardened WWII FPS gamers around?

Sign up today and find out!

The Virtual Battlefield Does Exist!

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Our plans are shifting full force to innovation and bringing WWII Online into the modern age. This is the moment you've all been waiting for and asking us to capitalize on! This roadmap will demonstrate updated workflows to bring us the latest graphics as we pursue Unreal, while simultaneously providing visual upgrades to WWII Online 1.0. We're going to show you demonstrable progress including the game world conversion status as well, including the first work-in-progress shots showing part of our game world in the Unreal Engine. We also have tremendous news for squads and how the player base will be able to drive gameplay.

Please enjoy this jam-packed roadmap plan which helps set the tone and expectations for our overall direction of WWII Online. As always, thanks for being subscribed and providing the fuel for Playnet/CRS to achieve these goals.


You can view specific details for released items via the 1.36 readme and the 1.37 readme.

  1. Integrated Voice Communications
  2. Artillery + Server Tracked Arty Rounds
  3. Ju-88
  4. Mobile Airfields
  5. MG-42 (Vehicle Mounted and Infantry)
  6. Motorized Half-Tracks
  7. Free to Play fighter aircraft
  8. Enhanced Special FX (several added, and continues)
  9. Improved game audio (several added, and continues)
  10. Variable capture buildings
  11. M1919 .30 Caliber LMG
  12. One-click de-spawning


  1. Bomber Loadouts: Bugs fixed, nearly ready.
  2. Wellington: Flight model completion is all that's remaining.
  3. Tank track repairs: Good progress made here, we estimate Q2-2023 delivery.


This year's roadmap shows a large shift in focus, all of which are intended to accelerate innovation and benefit what the community has asked us to do.

When we set out to prepare this roadmap we had four primary considerations:

  1. Does this grow/retain new and old players?
  2. Does this create squad development and growth?
  3. Does this help generate bigger battles?
  4. Does this help us innovate and bring the game into the modern era?

We've listened to the community's feedback, discussed our available options and ideas internally, and selected what options we found to be the most valuable and realistic that we can execute.

WWII Online 2.0 development is the overarching primary goal of everything that we do and all of these are intended to help supplement that effort. As a reminder, 2.0 remains a long-term, high-risk goal that we're working to achieve. Between now and then keeping WWII Online 1.0 healthy is essential as that's the lifeblood for us.

Timelines are intentionally not provided for 2.0 work because of the effort required, research/learning, trial and error, and overcoming obstacles. Our development team has a blueprint via 1.0 of what to do and we're not afraid of taking on challenges. But providing them the necessary grace and support to complete those objectives is paramount. All the while, just like this posting, we will aim to keep you appraised of achievements and progress.

Please enjoy the remainder of this briefing.


The implementation of voice comms to WWII Online has forever changed the game for the better, and we're looking to expand on that. Here are some new updates coming for it in the early part of 2023:

  • Target Radio Channel
    • If you share the same mission "target", you will be placed on the same voice channel (by default) as all other participants
    • This means air, land, and sea forces can coordinate together
  • Squad Radio Channels - for each side
    • This means if your squad plays each side, you will have a separate:
      • Axis Squad Channel (secure)
      • Allied Squad Channel (secure)
  • HC Radio Channel
    • If you're in High Command, you will have access to a secure voice channel
    • You will have to tune to this manually


Big news for everyone, squad missions will be making a comeback to WWII Online, but they'll be a little different. If you remember these, squads were able to create their own missions - exclusive to them. Our goal is to get back to squad development and provide that option for you and see organized large-scale game play.

Here's the fine print:

  • Squads are limited to 1 squad mission at any given time.
  • You must have 5 squad members online - concurrently - to unlock this ability.
    • There is no limit to the number of players online and using that mission.
  • Squads will be able to have an optional "unlock" their mission if they want others to join.

Missions are the port of entry for all gamers coming to WWII Online. The way this is designed is to provide you the capability, without starving new players coming into the game from being able to spawn in and experience gameplay.


This is a crucial change to overall gameplay because as it stands, High Command officers and SYSTEM are the only two operators for how Attack Objectives (AOs) are deployed and removed. All that is about to change.

Groups of players, regardless of squad affiliation or being in HC vs not, will have the ability to gather together and receive system-driven AOs based on certain conditions being met, primarily being within Infantry EWS range (which includes infantry, trucks and guns). EWS is the Early Warning System, which detects enemy players within a certain proximity (or distance) of a town.

The number of AOs will also be boosted a little, but managed carefully for low-pop times, to ensure AOs can transition smoothly

Here's the design:

  • 5 players are required to activate Heavy Infantry EWS (inf, trucks, guns, etc)
  • Adding an AO
    • Has EWS threshold been met for 2 minutes?
      • If No > do nothing
      • If Yes
        • Is AO available?
        • Issue AO
  • Removing an AO
    • Has EWS threshold not been met for 15 minutes?
      • If Yes > start AO withdrawal
        • System will provide alert that AO being withdrawn to RTB
      • If No > do nothing
    • If town is taken / AO bounced, AO will be removed like usual.

This means High Command will have no function in the placement or removal of Attack Objectives, and groups of players will be able to determine the outcome/consequences of certain attacks. HC will continue to drive moveable supply, calls to action via .axis/.allied commands and have additional ranks and perks like the HC officer while being in HC.


Right now Luftwaffe RDP efforts require double the effort to impact respective Allied countries, because they are not shared. This task combines the Allied Factory damage to be shared across their entire side, much like how it works for the Allies bombing the Axis right now. This will increase the stakes of RDP bombing and see more players working together to run bombing and intercept missions accordingly.


Ever notice you destroy a vehicle and get a random secondary kill awarded? We're squashing this bug and plan to clean that up within the first quarter of 2023.


We're very excited to share with you that we've created a workflow to support the development of WWII Online 2.0 and 1.0 simultaneously utilizing a trickle-down effect, where we're creating a higher poly/resolution model and then baking that down for WWII Online 1.0 to use. In a way, we're following the original development of the game by replacing some of the original assets first and working our way forward. In this example you'll see what the current trucks look like, then you'll see the updated artwork in the current WWII Online 1.0 engine, then you'll see the higher poly model of that vehicle in the Unreal Engine.

Let's start off with the Opel Blitz... probably one of the oldest models in-game. Several years ago we did some minor texture updates, but no real model work or touch-ups on the UV itself.

1 opel 10

Next you'll see the "new" opel blitz model, baked down, and used for the current 1.0 engine.

2 new opel 10

Now take a look at the new Opel Blitz built with better texture maps, Unreal Engine lighting and a higher poly count.

3 new opel 20 1

4 new opel 20 2

5 new opel 20 3

6 new opel 20 4

The Tiger Tank in this photo is a direct important using our in-house Open Flight conversion tool.

Now let's take a look at the Bedford truck redo. This one is equally exciting and once again offers upfront return on investment plus long-term.

Here's the current Bedford we have in-game:

7 bedford 10

Now here's the new Bedford model coming to WWII Online 1.0, marking that upfront delivery and vast improvement. Take a real good look at the wheels and overall model improvements.

8 new bedford 10

Now here's a series of pictures of the new Bedford higher-resolution model within the Unreal Engine. It's stunning to say the least.

9 new bedford 20 1

The Char is a direct important using our in-house OpenFlight conversion tool (no updates to the model from 1.0).

10 new bedford 20 2

11 new bedford 20 3

12 new bedford 20 4

13 new bedford 20 5

This new methodology will act as the go-to workflow for our internal production team at CRS so we can start the process of enhancing WWII Online's graphics now and going forward. There are more assets already in progress and we intend to start releasing some of these throughout 2023 and subsequent patches to WWII Online 1.0's engine as they are completed.


As we published on YouTube recently, here's a sample of some massive updates coming to WWII Online with both visual and audio effects greatly enhancing that experience. Making a more immersive experience is always something we're working to do.


All sounds are being updated and balanced for improved immersion and gameplay. This issue was highlighted more than ever with the implementation of voice comms and every file is being updated and fine-tuned by our audio engineer for a smooth and seamless sound experience.


All vehicles in WWII Online are getting an update to that the internal members can hear a little more regarding exterior sounds. That means tanks will be able to hear more of what's going on outside (without opening a hatch), and aircraft will be able to possibly hear guns firing behind you and/or the impacts on your airframe. We think this will be a huge deal for your daily gaming experience.


We now have a working concept of tank crews being able to repair their tracks, development continues and is approaching testing. WWII Online tankers are about to have the ability to fix their own tracks and get mobile again (up to a certain amount of times) if this occurs.

14 tank crew repair


Imagine for a moment you're suppressing an enemy position with your machinegun and you see tracers flying all over the place - how cool would that be? This is one of the really important immersion moments that help "sell" the game as being realistic. Now imagine being under fire and hearing those rounds ricochet all around you? Guaranteed to make you drop for cover!

YES - these rounds still act as live projectiles and can kill when flying around.


The road to getting Chokepoint onto Unreal Engine 5 has turned into a much larger task than anticipated and a great deal of work has been done to date to achieve this. Chokepoint serves as a fantastic opportunity for us to start training our Production team personnel in how this works and practicing world editing and refining existing assets eventually planned for 2.0. Remember, Chokepoint's entire infantry system is planned to replace what we currently have in WWII Online 1.0 and there's some cleanup work to do there.

We will maintain occasional playtests but updates will remain a bit slow for the interim. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.


Huge things have occurred with the WWII Online game world conversion to the Unreal Engine. As we've mentioned this is one of those major hurdles that's going to take sometime, but we're equipped today with some REAL demonstrable evidence of this taking place.

Let's stress something here for a moment... given the size and resources of our team, our priority goal is to GET into the Unreal Engine, and therefore we have to first carve a path to make that happen. We determined early on that re-creating that entire game world was not an option initially, but we can bring over what we got THEN update it and improve it as we go forward.

These screenshots do not reflect the fact that we can leverage:

  • The latest version of SpeedTree
    • Procedural grass
    • New trees and bushes
    • Animations supporting realistic movements
  • Landscape which removes all holes in the terrain
  • Splines for future road and river improvements
  • Sculpting for higher resolution and improved look and feel

They do reflect that we are getting the world in there, algorithmically, and making it happen. Please enjoy this first look of WWII Online's game world making its entry into the Unreal Engine:

15 world conversion raw

This next screenshot shows the world conversion with a basic grass texture example test. This does not include procedural grass that would go on top of it, or any of the additional assets to populate it.

16 world conversion grass


WWII Online is 100% fueled by player support. As Playnet / CRS seeks to build The Future of WWII Online with some aggressive goals, we need your help to make this possible. Please consider subscribing to help us accelerate game development, the future is now and your support as a subscriber has a direct impact on mission success. Go to and subscribe now!

ALREADY SUBSCRIBED? Become a Hero Builder and do more!

By becoming a Hero Builder ($29.99/mo or $49.99/mo) you'll gain access to several recognition features, receive special in-game player content, and get early access to WWII Online: Chokepoint and WWII Online pre-release testing and top-secret development news.

Head to the account pages and upgrade your account.

Click here to learn more about the Hero Builder program. Thanks for your support!

WWII Online's 2022 Year in Review

WWII Online's 2022 Year in Review


A year end review of what CRS has brought to date including pictures and a word on 2023 road map.

Operation Plunder - 4DEC2022

Operation Plunder - 4DEC2022


This Sunday Dec 4th Operation Plunder will take place, the next major mass operation with all armor unlocked regardless of rank and open to veterans...

New Patch With Indirect Artillery Introduced

New Patch With Indirect Artillery Introduced


The longest-ranged indirect fire weapon ever introduced into a video game now available along with a link to a player guide to introduce the player to...

Operation Fury V, Global Event

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Operation Fury V will be a global operation campaign event of combined arms on the weekend of November 20th. See inside for information on a massive all...

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Patch 1.28.4 for WWII Online: Battleground Europe for Mac's.

Patch 1.28.4

Patch 1.28.4


Patch 1.28.4 for WWII Online: Battleground Europe.

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Hi, Can i run it??
Amd e—300
2 Ram
520 Video Ram
Windows 10
32 Bits.

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Nearly everyone I have played with any know that loves games have always said if they were to update these graphics to modern day graphics or something similar they we would play this in a heart beat :( but sadly its a relic highly playable but just ugly to look at real shame :(

p.s the game is incredible and such scale is what should the norm in games today but sadly its not

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MCallahan Creator

The game play is what has kept us around all this time =). Pretty graphics come and go, but great games stand the test of time. S!

Reply Good karma+9 votes

Can I ask. Is there a drivable tank ingame?

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MCallahan Creator

Sure there are several for all sides.

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I don't know, I tried to get into it but I just couldn't find it fun. You can have 300,000 square kilometers of land to battle over, but what's the point if there's barely anything on it? There aren't enough players to make it immersive either. Every battle I took part in had at most 10 players total, and maybe some fighter planes battling above.

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The real feeling of scale

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they should put AI infantrry squads in the towns to make the game feel more alive

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