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Taking control away from the player is as important as making them feel powerful.

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In Smith and Winston the player has a lot of power pretty quickly. Right from the start they can pretty much destroy anything in the game. That's the beauty of voxels and the system we've made.

But the player can't have it all their own way. Spawners are a great way of dividing the players attention. The spawner constantly creates enemies for the player to kill. This can quickly become overwhelming for the player. So the player needs to destroy the spawner and then one of the enemies shoots them!

OK so it's not some crazy clever scheme and games have been doing this for as long as there have been video games. It's really effective though and when you combine spawners with other types of enemies (see the snipers in the video) you can really quickly ramp up the stress and fun for the player.

The shattered ring world that Smith and Winston find themselves on is navigated using warp gates. These provide a lovely way for us to disorientate the player a little bit, control the size of the each level and let the player know they are making progress. Some of the warp gates are hidden in the world as if they aren't being used by the aliens anymore... or maybe they've hidden them because that's where they keep all the loot? It's up to the player to see if they want to jump in to danger or not!

So you've seen a little more of our gameplay and I hope you like what you see :)

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