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Getting some air which sort of screws with the design and exploring the caves within the shattered ring world!

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When designing a game you try and control as much as possible so you can guarentee the player gets a smooth, consistent experience and that they can't cheat but also the player doesn't feel cheated.

When we added dash so the player could quickly avoid bullets and get around the back of enemies we didn't really think it would have much of an affect but combined with the boost where the player can fly upwards it's not surprising that they can get around a lot of our careful design.

Accidentally, we've added something that is so much fun we're going to keep it in!

It's not all shattered ring world though. We've added dark caves for the player to explore as well. These have a much more traditional twin stick shooter feel. There is an invisible ceiling so the player can't escape the level. This forces the player to use different tactics from the outside combat.


The Dash is helpful. Nice videos!

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metaldazza Author

thank you. It is super useful and it gives you a split second of invulnerability so you can squeek out of trouble sometimes :) Thanks for checking the game out.

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