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Work has been on hold for several months! Here a brief update on our current progress!

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Dear TIW-Fans,

during the last few weeks I was quite busy fixing several pending issues and tasks with TIW-Ultimate. Simply because that stuff cannot be shown in any kind of preview with fancy pictures and vivid descriptions, there was no new post in the preview section.

Nevertheless, I was able to make good progress towards a release of TIW-Ultimate. To give you guys a hint of what I have done so far, please find a list of the latest changelog of the working version below:

- added mercenary recruitment pools
- changed Hafsid Caliphate -> Hafsid Sultanate
- added new event pictures for Peasant's Horde events
- fixed additional Faction Leader Titles Trigger Ancs
- added heir apparent effect descriptions for Ancs
- added event texts for minor factions for Angevin Claim event
- added reinforcement army for Siena against French invasion armies
- changed fort location from Grosseto to Siena
- added welcome events for Savoy, Montferrat, Bologna, Urbino
- added university building to city of Bologna
- added Plague events
- adjusted cem_trigger to 5%
- added missing titles (Kelibia, Biserta, Policastro)
- adjusted several names (von -> of)
- changed rebel type in Africa from Turk to Egypt
- added ivory resources in Al Kaf and Qusantina
- added Montferrat, Bologna, Urbino to 'Log-Hilfe' script
- removed middle_eastern culture from 'building academic'
- adjusted 'Heir Titles Trigger'
- edited character's range on the strat map (increased value by 65 points)
- added new ancs: trumpeter
- adjusted recruitment time for artillery units
- adjusted/added new names for Kingdom of Naples
- fixed typos and adjusted event texts to the newly added minor factions
- adjusted heir title script
- altered 'A New Menace' event for Naples to set up a rebellion in Genoa against the French
- added respective pics for the above mentioned events

As you can see, I have finished the task of reviewing the event texts, as well. That means, next stop will be the Condotta-Script for the minor factions and of course there will be a preview about it. So stay tuned!



Pay attention to Swabian League armies - they tend to multiply enormously at the middle-late stage of the game, I believe this is due to the script that gives them armies to fulfill a certain task. But their armies just stockpile on the map making it impossible to defeat the League and the League itself does not handle the armies well.

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I was playing the battle beta today and I thought that things like mercenaries such as landsknechts should have the colourful dress that they were famed for, furthermore I tough it would be cool to give troops recruited from certain areas the colours of that city particularly with the swiss. Also I would be really cool if in the next version, the AI could employ proper pike and shot tactics and won't retreat to a rediculose steep mountain which just doesn't look right or feel right. Keep up the good work!

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There's an important detail to adjust related to Firenze campaign: the French army that spawns after the first historical event has some crazy stats in their units. Swiss pikemen with 16 attack or lyonesse pykemen with over 10... I found myself loosing all my 4 florentine pike militia against 1 lyonesse pikemen because of this. So by oposing the french the florentine campaign becomes completely unplayable, which is a shame giving the amount of lovely details that you put into this faction.

Thanks your attention and for the amazing work.

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