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A brief update to let you all know where I'm up to.

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Good evening everyone.
I'm currently having certain issues with models and shaders. I still can't find the re-pack animation for the Nod Crawler and it's rather bemusing.
At this moment however I am also rather struggling with the russian commando, Natasha. She's in game and useable but her outfit is all wrong. She wears a white uniform rather than the red which she should be wearing. So I think I'm going to have to learn the trick of adding house colours to infantry. I tried using the infantry shader from Red Alert 3 aswell but saddly it doesn't work. It just makes her invisible.
Also on the list at the moment is the ambient sounds for units and ofcourse my issue with the Hammerhead not dropping in like it should.
Also I'm beginning to look at the TT aircraft for GDI, I'm thinking maybe I can work something interesting in for them. Like the Kodiak cruiser or maybe the Arcus. Although the Arcus will be getting nerfed cos it's far too powerful to leave as is.

Work is slow at the minute because my job and christmas are eating up all my time and slowing me down immensly but I am doing what I can as fast as I can.

I promise I shall have something interesting and fun to show by early january. Possibly something very large and destructive.

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Take your time man, the holidays is when people need to relax and not think about work. ;-)

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