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In the post I'll show you the types of Special Missions.

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Hi. At this moment I have finished work with Special Missions (SM) and it's a great time to show you the results.

It's related to my new game: Slope Down: First Trip. To increase the gameplay time I decided to add some Special Missions to the levels.

1) Bombs. In scope of the SM you have to run through bombs. The main goal is get to the finish line :)

2) Laser Boom. In scope of the SM a lot of lasers will try to explode you. You should be careful with that type of mission!

3) Teleport. It should be clear for you :) . You have to go to the finish line through a lot of teleports. Some of them push you back and another ones push you forward. You just need to get to the finish line until timer is off.

4) Reactive. In that SM you have reactive speed. Your sphere is very fast and you need to complete the level without any impacts.

5) Collect Energy. In scope of this SM you need to collect the energy spheres. You have a goal like "Collect 150 energy spheres" and you need to do it in scope of the level.

I'm happy with the results. These Special Missions really improve the gameplay. It's adding some new experience into the game. I hope you will be enjoyed after the release.

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