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I've finally released my game 'Slay Those Pixels' for PC (and will submit it to XBLIG soon).

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After some time, and after some decisions, the game is finally complete. If you don't know what the game is about, feel free to watch the promotional video or try out the demo (they are both a bit outdated, but I'm working on updating them ASAP so they will match the current game version).

However, the game is finally up for purchase at my website where you can buy the game via PayPal (for €2.20), and be able to download it (the game will be linked to the account you create, so you may re-download it as many times as you want, at any time).

If this is a game that suits your style, feel free to try out the demo and consider purchasing the full game if you enjoyed it.

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Shouldn't this be on IndieDB? This obviously isn't a mod. Furthermore you're selling it...on a /mod/ site...I don't understand.

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You can still post you're games on Moddb, that's why there is a "games" Tab. You also cannot sell anything on Moddb itself, that is what Desura is for. Or other people use PayPal, or their own methods of selling. It is perfectly fine for him to post this on here.

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That probably sounded very hostile of me, but rest assure that I mean that in a purely curious way. It just seems like people don't come to ModDB to look for games to purchase. Wouldn't something like this get more "attention" on IndieDB?

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Peggles Author

Games get posted on both IndieDB and ModDb if I'm not mistaken. I didn't specifically post this on ModDB, since I never visit that website.

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