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Slap Village is a Point & Click classical graphic adventure having a cartoon style and completely freehand drawn. This videogame is in its final developing stage and will be launched during the first term in 2016.

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The graphic adventure Slap Village is developed by the Monkey Toons Spanish studio, and it arrives today at Steam Greenlight. It is set in a particular Northamerican western scenery with typical elements of our daily life. Slap Village presents a wide range of funny, crazy and unexpected situations and a variety of characters showing their own personality. This mixture of western, together with scenes of our daily life, will constantly surprise the player.

Slap Village is a title which joins together the most charismatic and funniest elements of classical adventures with topics of our daily life in the most humorous way possible. It was developed in 2D with the Unity engine and the videogame has a well artistic finish, typical from the animated TV series and completely freehand drawn.

The main character of this unique story is Lurditas, a very well educated red head young lady who is tall, thin and has big feet. She has had a complicated family life full of unlucky moments in the town of gold seekers called Golden Onion. Almost by accident, Lurditas will take part in an adventure filled with big energetic companies, nature spirits and even aliens. She has a very good friend, Rasta, a small mouse which is always with her. Lurditas is going to speak with the different characters, she will overcome interesting mini-games and will solve puzzles to move forward in the story.

Slap Village arrives now in Steam Greenlight trying to get the approvement and recognition to be commercialized in the well-known platform. This game, developed by Monkey Toons and edited by Tizona Interactive, is now in its last stage of development and will be launched for PC, Mac and Linux during the first term in 2016.

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