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A War Journal by Skye. Here you can follow the main character Skye on her scouting missions across surface of Loek 3

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Skye Diary N.1

I am so happy, I finally took down the strange creature! Today at 4pm I got him. I
followed him through the jungle down a narrow ridge and there I finally caught
up to him. It’s strange because they never seem to stop walking and they never
stray from the path. I wonder where he was going he seemed so determined. Anyway
up on the ridge I managed to pull up my sniper rifle out of my backpack and put
a bullet in him. I don’t know if you could call my shot a headshot because I don’t
really know if they have a head or not. I am on my way back to the colony now
to show of the picture of the strange creature I call Walker. //Skye


nice! the player and the slained monster background, but I wouldn't expect grayscale photos in a future setting video game

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You are right, but in this instance the "rule of cool" takes priority ;P

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nice stuff

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