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One of the main features of the game is the customized skills configuration of each class

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One of the main features of the game is the customized skills configuration of each class. At the start of the game, teams will be able to configure each of the three skills, allowing them to adapt to each player's way of playing, searching counters and adapt to the opposing team.

New skills will be added to the classes to create more variety and the player has a wide range for a unique configuration.

The primary, secondary and Ultimate attacks will be fixed from each class and can not be changed.


The final or ultimate attack has a different performance in Blood Ancestors than its competitors. Unlike normal skills that rely solely on a cooldown to be recharged, ultimates combine cooldowns with a charging system.

When starting the game, all players will have the start of an already active ultimate, which can be used immediately.

The ultimate also can accumulate loads with a maximum according to the selected class. In case you have more than one ultimate stored, you can use them in a row with a small cooldown between them.

With this feature, we want to include a very tactical element in the games. Not only will you have to worry about using the ultimate at the right time, but if it is better to store it for another specific moment of the game, and on the contrary, you may keep ultimatums and in the end, you can not use it.

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