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Main concept, development and progress of this game

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I am German ( German is a Spanish name) and I welcome this Project that I 'm developing , I hope 
you enjoy this article as much as I do!

Main Concept

The game primarily a ' ' Tower Defense ' ' set in medieval times where some evil magician invokes
 numerous hordes of enemies to destroy the kingdom , but would you award the honor of being in 
charge of the defense of this , build towers to defend each of the castles expanded for the kingdom,
 but in this way there will be many enemies that will make life impossible, so think where to place 
the towers and what is appropriate in each place. Luck !

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Development and progress 

Right now I have honestly about 7 levels already completed and tested to be sure 
they are not impossible , the truth that some have extreme difficulty but anything is possible ; 
I have thought about doing five full levels worlds , and I really have excitement making about 
100 levels although perhaps make about 50 and then take expansions or upgrades to keep 
expanding the game.

That's all , I hope you enjoyed what led development , see you soon !
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