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I was doing some searching on the Web and came across these videos. Some good stuff, some funny stuff. Glad to see people liking the mod(s)...

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Sins of the Fallen

Sins of the Fallen is one of the largest mods for Sins of a Solar empire boasting 6 unique expansion factions added to the already existing 3 vanilla.

A new video made by Gul-dukat(tech) giving an overview of how to properly activate the mod. Thanks Gul-dukat(tech)!

I've been so pre-occupied lately I had no idea these videos existed. Pretty cool to see...

"Great mod, but worst and most confusing install process I've ever gone through."

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Hey! I'm on TV

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^ It's only your charming voice tho~ (つ ̄ω ̄)つ
About the install process, yes its a bit complicated for a beginner to install the mod tho it is quite well explained and you get used to it easily and² it is pretty handy to switch addons/customize the way you want to play but most of all i think its a 'heavy' trick that makes the loading much longer

The third video is the one who brought me to Sins mods and the BSG series
enormous sexy 'red' ships against 'blue' ones~ thats why i want to keep those eyegasmic 'lights' on.
overall its a good trailer

Fall of Kobol was my first mod on sins, i remember how i got owned so badly by the AI because i couldnt manage to buy those expensive ships

Btw at 2:06 Am i seeing 2 titans? è_é

Keep up the good work, Undead!

The Fallens will rise! Definitely!
So say we all.

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ZombiesRus5 Author

It was a bit more confusing in the beginning as I refined the approach for activating to be sure.

The first mod to have activations similar to this was Stargate Races. The load time is a bit better when I have everything in BIN format though.

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ZombiesRus5 Author
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