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Sins of the Fallen has recently released several updates.

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Sins of the Fallen has released updates to both the Entrenchment and Diplomacy versions of the mod. The updates are both full releases due to the recent restructuing of the mod.

The latest versions also make quite a bit of progress with the Plague Virulence tree making the Growth research viable for frigates, capital ships and modules. Additionally, ship main view icons have been added for all the current models for Plague replacing the stock Vasari icons.

Another significant change with the Plague race is moving the starbase construction from the colony frigate to a dedicated starbase constructor. The new starbase constructor is build via the cruiser tab. The reason for the change is the AI appeared to mini-dump randomly due to the Plague spawning process and also did not appear to build starbases like the Nephilim counterpart. This should hopefully resolve the issue and allow Plague starbase construction by the AI.

The plague still need a few more ship models and lots of planet modules but I'm enjoying the gameplay differences using Plague versuses the stock races and will hopefully make even more progress over the coming weeks.

Sins Plus Addon

Another addition with the latest version is the ability to stack with Sins Plus for both the Entrenchment and Diplomacy versions. Sins plus adds a lot of cool planet types and planet bonuses as well as ship graveyards and custom effects for the stock races. This addon merely allows Sins of the Fallen to run with SinsPlus. SinsPlus must be downloaded seperately following the instructions provided.

Instructions and downloads for the SinsPlus addon can be found here.

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