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Sins of the Fallen: Whats going to be in Release 5 and other nuggets.

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After getting the Diplomacy 1.32 version out I must admit I was a little disappointed I hadn't added any new content lately. To rectify that I'm working on Release 5 that will hopefully add some much needed new content and start me on the path of completing the remaining races.

What's going to be in Release 5?

  1. Diplomacy only version
  2. Ability to load what factions you want to play
  3. New planetary systems
  4. New optional addons

When will it be released?
I currently have many volunteers testing out various parts of the mod, but there's not real guarantee on when. All I can say is when I feel it's ready it will be released which will quite likely mean this month based on current progress.
Diplomacy only versionWith Sins of the Fallen Release 5 I have decided to no longer support Entrenchment. There are many reasons for dropping Entrenchment support but the main ones are simplifying the mod and access to new modding features only found in Diplomacy which I want for my new races. I will likely discontinue Diplomacy updates to the mod after the Rebellion version comes out next summer.

Ability to load what factions you want to playWith the looming 2GB issue with 32 bit games I have restructured the mod for Release 5. The new mod structure will allow you to load only the factions you want to play reducing the memory overhead placed on Sins. It's still possible to load EVERYTHING but you'll need to set your effects down to high/medium/low or face a 2GB dump with sins.

With the ability to load only the factions I want to play by myself or the AI I have decided to release the unfinished factions for Archailect, Hypercorp and Alliance. These three factions are not complete and probably wouldn't be fun to play with as a result. They might be fun to play against though as the AI won't have any problems using them. I also can't guarantee there won't be a mini-dump if you choose to turn on the unfinished factions so play at your own risk.

Wait... I have to activate this mod a different way again???
Yes, sorry.

Like a factions theme music? Load it on top of the other factions and it's theme music will play at the main menu.

Want to lan or play online?
Sure, this still works. You just need to make sure both sides have the same mods loaded in the same order. Verify your checksum before you get started.

Playable Factions:
Sins of the Fallen Nephilim Logo
Nephilim (Link to feature)

A mysterious race of giant men possessing miracle like abilities (claimed to have been gained from the fallen angels that originally sired them). Nephilim men are long lived but not immortal. All Nephilim's are born from a union of a Nephilim with a sentient female. The resulting birth is usually to much for the female to survive and always results in a male offspring.

Sins of the Fallen Logo
Plague (Link to feature)

A vampiric race capable of infecting others with their taint. As gruesome as their actions are they are not to be underestimated on their intelligence. A millenia of adapting to their condition has resulted in a ruling class quite capable of producing scientific advancements especially in the area of viral and organic designs. However, their hunger and the hunger of the newly infected drives their desire to feed.

Release 5 will hopefully replace the remaining stock models used for planetary orbital modules.

Rogue Traders Logo
Rogue Traders (Link to feature)

Cybernetically enhanced humans fashioning themselves as pirates will be the first to pass through Pandora's Gate. These pirates aren't like the pirates of Sins making occasional raids for the highest bidder. Instead the Rogues are scavengers, trash talkers, and are generally just looking for a good fight to pass the time. Don't be surprised to see them offer "protection" to nearby worlds for a modest kick back. Their affinity for the less than honest way of living meshes well with the pirates of Sins allowing for lots of back room deals. Sporting fast ships and a criminal mentality you might find yourself facing losses both financially and militarily before you realized what happened.

Playable Unfinished Factions:


A homage race to the beta release of alliance hidden agenda mod.

Mainly the Tec race with the Beta Kol and Marza and custom models from Alliance Hidden Agenda. Will slowly be adding in abilities from AHA and tweaking the research to show the alliance of the three races.

Hypercorp Logo
Hypercorps (Link to feature)

Hypercorps were behind the initial push into space and were able to survive much of the Fall when the Titans began trying to exterminate all life. Having survived the fall, Hypercorps were able to maintain much of the previous advancements in biotechnology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science making them a powerful presence.

Partially completed race containing custom models and capital ship abilities. Research tree and frigate abilities are still a work in progress.

Archailect Logo
Archailects (Link to feature)

A refugee group of infomorphs escaping endentured slavory accidentally discover an abandoned TITAN facility. Planning revenge on an epic scale for their enslavement the Infomorphs refashioned themselves as Archailects with the intent on uploading their enslavors and torturing them for an eternity. However, activation of the unknown facility was not wihout error as the TITANS safeguards activated a Pandora Gate transporting the facility to an unknown universe with no way to return.

Essentially just the advent race with a couple of custom capital models. This faction instantly regains capital ship experience when re-built after death. Really rather boring right now and probably will be until a lot of other stuff is finished.

New Planetary Systems:
Cosmos Ad Infinitum Logo
Cosmos Ad Infinitum - Adds framework for new planetary systems based on my Cosmos Ad Infinitum mod. Systems currently include a fictional Sol and Rigel. New systems will be added overtime. Only one new system may be activated at a time or don't activate one and use the default sins planets. I'm also working on a multiple star concept that will use different planet textures in different stars to spice things up a bit (no eta on this).

Fictional Sol

Fictional Rigel

Fictional Tenorias (Planned)

Optional Addons: Optional addons enhance the Sins of the Fallen universe by adding additional content or effects to the base mod. Any, all or none of the addons may be activated at a time.

Flagships - Starts each race with a random flagship from the core fleet of five capital ships. Flagships increase by double the stats per level and have 4 targets per bank. Warning: Lost flagships cannot be replaced.

Alien Artifacts - Adds framework for capturable alien artifacts. Will start with various capturable alien ships but will expand as more artifacts are added.

Moons - Adds prototype moons and moon base upgrades. The current iteration is mainly a proof of concept. New moon base upgrades and abilities will be added.

Bailnight's Graphic Mod - Adds BailKnight's Graphic effects. Activate this addon if you like dramatic effects and explosions and have the specs to handle it all.

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This new update sound's good

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ZombiesRus5 Author
ZombiesRus5 - - 1,642 comments

Ya a few new toys is always nice. Working in a few more fixes to that have been found by some people helping out with testing :P

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