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Introducing Marine Ops. These are single player / co-op levels (made up into "missions" or mini episodes) that will be included with Brutal Hell Royale!

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Download version 1.5!

I always envisioned working on single player / co-op levels to be included in Brutal Hell Royale. I wanted to take on one aspect at a time, but now I feel like I can devote time to the Single Player aspect of the mod. Brutal Hell Royale: Marine Ops are single player (or Co-Op) levels that will be included in Brutal Hell Royale, starting with version 1.6! I will try to package at least 2 levels in that version. They are from the first "mission" (mini episode) titled Colony. UAC Marines are sent down to the surface of a far off colony to regain contact, restore order and rescue said colonists if need be. What they find is gruesome, and they may be the ones who need to be rescued....

The single player aspect will feature new sounds, enemies, weapons and more! Check out a preview below (keep in mind there are missing items, bugs etc):

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