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Big & free expansion with new map, challenges, prestige & more!

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Hello soldiers!

A big & free update is coming to Isonzo!
On December 5th, Isonzo will get a big new update with the new Caporetto map, the German Empire faction and the Prestige levelling for our veteran soldiers! Furthermore, new weapons, new challenges will be available.

dlc royal store wp

Combined with the release of the Caporetto map and German faction will be cosmetic DLC for the Germans as well! The Royal Units Pack will be available on the same day and includes a diverse set of items; the distinctive uniforms of 2 major states within the ""Deutsches Reich"": Bavaria and Württemberg. It contains 2 sets of uniforms for all classes, plus a special officer uniform.

The Royal Units Pack contains 40 items

  • 13 German Uniforms
  • 18 German Headgear Items
  • 2 Facial Items
  • 5 Mustaches
  • 3 Faces

The additional content from the Caporetto Expansion mentioned in our roadmap will still be added to Isonzo, but at a different time. We hope you’ll enjoy the content coming to you on December 5 and the upcoming updates in the future!

Hungry wolves make their way to the Eastern Front

On the Eastern Front, you’ll be able to participate in the famous Wolf Truce on PC ! Until November 28th, you can join your comrades and enemies in a truce to fight a common enemy. As the wintery cold and hunger is an enemy to us all, the wolf won’t stand down for a meal…

Participate in the truce and receive a special medal !

storebanner tannenberg wolves 80

Find Tannenberg on Steam & Epic to join the Wolf Truce

Good luck on the field!

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