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Showing off some of the weapons in SickBrick. Some of the animations aren't ready yet so the guns look kind of static. I've disabled the HUD too (really cool Crysis looking) since it's not finished. Just wanted to show you what you can kill the bad robots with :D

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wow, i really love how this is looking so far!!
to me it doesn't show static at all qua animations!!
i love how the weapons do look, and the 'muzzelflash' of them,
and what i particularly like is how the robots break into pieces
when they get killed, and how those pieces fly away though the air.
and what it makes even more enjoyable is that these pieces of the
broken robots keep physic, so they are moves away by a explosion,
or something else, when they are lying there already for some
time. in a lot of cases these pieces turn in to statics, but not
in you're game!!

i will follow this with great interest Sickbrck, i already was
tracking you and i will keep doing so!!

great work, it already does look so very professional!


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MisfitVillage Author

Thanks. The game is moving on awesomely :D

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