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After all the build up, we finally launched Project Shrooms on steam Greenlight! Check out the new trailer, screenshots and if you like our work please consider giving us a much valued vote! Check out our thoughts on the start of this journey below!

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Hello everyone!

Last week was really a race against time, with getting all the pieces of code shoved into the test build and making sure we got all the possible features running without blowing up anything, getting marketing stuff in order, like screenshots, trailers, press-kit stuff and all kinds of small pieces of art to fill banners, icons and even strange things that we never notice but when they're missing suddenly there is a gaping black hole in the screen pulling all the attention to that little 16x16 icon there no one EVER looks at!

So what is Shrooms at the moment we entered Greenlight?

Check out below!

Fight for your survival in a exotic world full of dangers...and mushrooms!
Craft tools, weapons and gear to hunt, keep your body temperature in check and build a much needed home in order to survive in this strange land.


  • Survival Multiplayer experience in a world that changes YOU.
  • Gain mutations that will give you both strengths and weaknesses, changing your gameplay.
  • Hunt, gather and cook your food but careful not to become the dessert.
  • Overcome the cold winds and heat waves while fending off animals and other survivors.
  • Craft the tools for your survival with a system where your skills matters (Yours, not the character!).
Some of the features already planned:

  • Knowledge Crafting System : A progression based crafting system that will allow you to specialize in your favorite crafting areas.
  • TRUE Cooperative crafting : Help your friends craft difficult gear by holding down that blazing sword blade while he hammers the metal.
  • A dynamic Building system that will allow you to build from a small shack to a huge stronghold.
  • Hidden PVE Bosses that will need a coordinated group of survivors to take down. Yes, Raids.

Do you like were this is going? Give us YES so we can deliver it!
Have an idea? Tell us!
Have doubts about your vote? Tell us why!
The game is still in early development and it needs your feedback, so please subscribe to keep updated to our development progress. Alternatively visit our devlog and our forum.

Project Shrooms Greenlight Trailer

Here are the some of the screenshots we shared on Greenlight:

Camping and MiningGreenlight Screenshots
Camping and MiningGreenlight Screenshots

Here is the first Impression idarian aka Frexie, a fellow IndieDB'er and youtuber that contacted us.
We liked his work so much that we decided to share it in our Greenlight page showing gameplay!

If you like our work, please vote for us on Greenlight and give us your feedback!

Monclops123 - - 35 comments

As far as multiplayer goes, will there be public or mainly private servers?

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Sph!nx - - 722 comments

I'd like to see some more development on this before I cast my vote. I do wonder why all the players are female... Is it story related or will males be implemented as well?

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Irui Author
Irui - - 23 comments

@Monclops123 : We're still debating if and how many "public" servers there will be available, but I guess it will depend on how well we do with the game, if there are public demand for it, there is a strong possibility we might get some up!

@Sph!nx : I see! We will be posting several updates in the coming weeks, let's hope we can convince you hehe. Regarding the females, at the moment we only have female, and the reason for that is...well why not? We don't see many games with female "generic" characters like the "Rust guy" or "steve" from minecraft xD And at the time there was all that talk about "how hard female characters are to produce" and whatnot so we we're like "Really? Ok then female it is!" :P
BUT, we do want to make a guy available, but just not in the near future, mainly because of the sheer workload it would require to produce each mutation/gear etc for both male and female. For now we want to really flesh out the core mechanics so, first things first!

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Sph!nx - - 722 comments

I understand. Well I'll be tracking your progress.

I do suggest you implement males as soon as possible. Might be a bit hard to do now, but will be harder later on when you have even more features. As soon as males are fully implemented you can work in sync.

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Irui Author
Irui - - 23 comments

Great ;)
Who knows :D But core features first anyway xD

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