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tell you the real purpose,You pigs are being played!

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I am from the Russian Federation, Today in 2022 is a special day, which is different from previous Russian WWII Victory Days!

Today is the great world ruler President Putin face day! Russia will never admit defeat!


So I choose to solemnly inform you today:

A year ago a Russian approached me, he wants my mod, He often sends me messages about the progress of the mod.
Later, he gradually became impatient, and his attitude towards asking me gradually became irritable, I see through his purpose, the purpose is to steal the content contained in my mod content.
I ignored him at first, then started to get more aggressive, texting me like a madman, and message boards, keep repeating a sentence or two.
My response is simple and the most direct way, I told him in Russian that "COVID19 is a Russian virus, a Putin virus, a political conspiracy by Russia to exploit the relationship between China and the United States!
Russians are the garbage of the world, pollute the world and disturb the world!" He was so angry that he said a word for a long time, and the state has been inputting, I still use his way to hit him back, and I repeat these two sentences to him. he was incompetent and furious, I just found it funny!

So I had a new idea, shamelessly asking for other people's results just to stupid play games for myself. I'm going to make teaser of these scum.

I'm not here at all to release mods for you idiots to play with! My stuff I only share with my real life friends! I'm not obligated to play games for you give you the mods you want, I will never share anything with you!
My purpose is specifically to satirize you stupid rubbish, You are nothing but rubbish from all over the world!

I did develop these things, but not exactly according to the content of the home page "RBRI" of this site!

Actually Resistance Battlefront: Red Invasion I didn't make a standalone mod at all, "Resistance Battlefront: Red Invasion", it's not actual.

"Resistance Battlefront: Red Invasion" is the name I made up for this scheme, On the surface, it seems that the entire MOD is really under development,
and this MOD really exists! I just want to convince you that it exists, and make it last longer, so that more people will see it, and more people will believe it really exists!
It's been 8 months so far, time long enough!

And there are a lot of losers who do fall into the trap, get involved and get angry, The more you believe and the more angry you are, the more successful I am,
You are being tricked! loser! That's right, you're a loser who just plays video games stupidly! Finally you are game played! I just want you to look forward to this imaginary thing,
want it, hate me, and even envy me! In the end you get nothing but a big taunt! You are all real cowards after all. You can't do anything to anyone!

Russians are a fighting nation, the more enemies the better! like the current Russian-Ukrainian war.

This is like reverse engineering and plagiarism of other people's things in the Chinese Soviet Empire to make their own technology products, anyway, you can't do anything about me!

What racism, what your own bullshit thinking, it's funny, The most unexpected thing is that you idiots are more deceived and more involved than I thought!
There are even game idiots signing up for new accounts to go with the show!

Only Russians are the highest race, and the rulers of the future world are only Russians! Ура!

There's a saying from video game-obsessed scum: video games are better than Friends! No wonder you have no real friends, How good is a person who is obsessed with video games?


This voting campaign, I deliberately used a trap set by those who like to talk about racism, the purpose is to let you watch this vote but it is very tangled, Do you support your own country to fight the enemy, or support the enemy to slaughter your own country, or racist? Or head on you are an orc who supports killing and slaughtering civilians? but most of their choices are the first, Most of these people's choices have nothing to do with human nature, They just want to achieve the thrill of their silly play.

Yeah, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear bombs or atomic bombs? What a delight! It's a pity it's all fake, not even a virtual game.

I think it's funny! From the point of view of human nature, silly play game garbage is always garbage, You only silly play other people's stuff, You will never be able to do it yourself!

A better way I recommend you is to sleep, dream of everything, even better than any author's stuff! XD

you without any value and contribution. The real war is coming, people like you may only implicate anyone who protects you!


The labels "this life" and "not madeXD" on the right are specially written by me, and their meaning is whether you can play this before you die?
And didn't make this mod at all, that's the truth hahahaha


Okay :)

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