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As I sit here, compiling a test run so I can gather in game screenshots and footage for the upcoming posts I plan for May and June, I find my excitement for the project rising. Development got a hiccup back in March but since then has been going smoothly, and, now about 5 months into the project, I will do what other mods like this haven't and announce a year: I want to get this out by 2020. If it isn't done by then, I'll leave the project to someone else or give away our assets on the Nexus.

I've mentioned previously that I'm the main dev. I have help from another kit builder and we have a composer, but not much else. Contact me here if you're interested in helping in the future. I know you don't have much to go off of for what the mod will be, but I feel we should wait to show stuff until we're sure it's looking good.

Most needed are anybody with modeling skills to create new assets and those when existing mods who would be willing to donate assets from them. Also appreciated are level builders/designers and composers. Voice actors, animators and people competent with video making aren't priority now, but if you wanna offer early, no problem.

Thanks for reading the post and here's to a great May and June!

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