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An insight into the capital city's darker side... The Undercity.

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"Spare me your false words... I can tell that you judge me ... You deem me selfish, hungry for power and driven by greed. You think that all the poverty in the Undercity is due to my decisions. But there is a fundamental flaw in your thinking... You're idealistic.

Yes... you still believe in a vision of a world free and beautiful, where none are starving, a world liberated from wars and violence... But you're chasing an illusion. Both prosperity and satiety can only exist where there are poverty and hunger. And only those who bore witness to violence and wars can appreciate the privilege of safety and peace. And every one of those living down there, every single of of them, they have all been unfortunate enough to have been born on the painful side of the scale, which is needed to maintain stability! Make everyone rich, and they'll do everything in their power to recreate poverty among themselves. Make everyone poor, and they will gut themselves for a loaf of bread... This is the truth, as bitter as it may taste.

And you, you would do better to accept that. Bid your delusional phantasies farewell... Because all idealists I have gotten to know ended up doing more harm than they did good."

Natara Dal'Veram
Second Leader of the Holy Order

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Morgannin09 - - 90 comments

Sadly cynical viewpoint by the speaker, but is it true? Who can say? All I know is... this mod looks incredible. Keep it up.

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Nuvendil - - 924 comments

"But I am different from the others! I will create a better world than any that came before me!"

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SureAI-Latiro Author
SureAI-Latiro - - 43 comments


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Anglachel - - 522 comments

''Then go out there! Create your own delusion and try to impose your sense of justice on those who will listen. Share your wisdom with the world and so perhaps save it from the doom you foresee.

And then come back running, when it all comes crashing down. For the truth is harsh and bitter to those that hope. There is no justice, there is no order, no ultimate goal to steer by and most of all there is no such thing as 'better'. In the end we are all just wriggling in the mud. Perhaps we might wriggle ourselves into the next mud pool, which may be even deeper than the one we currently find ourselves in. Progression is the greatest illusion mankind has ever faced.

You are not the first and surely you will not be the last. The only real law which can be applied to mankind is hope and so we are ruled by folly.''

So, I guess I'm not an idealist :)

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Pyryp - - 52 comments

I love the look of it.

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