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Shoppe Keep 2 devlog talking about customisation, Buffs, UI changes, Quality of life changes, come and read about the new main menu, daily crate quests and more!

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Dev Log Number 10!

Hello new and old keepers! Another devlog for you. We will be slowing down on devlogs slightly now, as we wont be developing "new" features, but instead polish up the whole bunch we got together with some press and testers aboard, preparing to launch into Early Access in a few months. Other than that - hope you enjoy the devlog!

Character Customisation

Shoppe Keep 2 Customisation

Seeing as the character customisation preview is live by this point, why not talk a bit more about customisation in the game? When you create your character in the game you will get a randomised one (At least considering eye/hair/skin color, facial features and hair type). We are creating a few variations of underwear and bras for the ladies, as well as some socks! Then we have scars, bunch of tattoos, body hair etc. We want to roll out more and more customisation pieces as development continues, and we would love to hear what you want to see as options for your keeper! This base character you create will tied to your character no matter which world you play in, not like your equipment/skills/items that are hard tied to each individual world saves. At any point in the main menu character selector, you are able to modify your skin look, so if you unlock some new choices - you can redesign yourself!

Blacksmith 2 House

Shoppe Keep 2 Blacksmith

Upgrading your blacksmith crafter into level 2 will create an additional house full of export crates of items, and 3 crates outside that give daily quests. These quests will require you to craft low/medium/high quality crates of gear at the blacksmith and exporting them out for monetary gains, available daily!

Shoppe Keep 2 Crates

Bank Mun information

Shoppe Keep 2 Mun UI

All the shop proceeds are input into the Money vault in your management house. But Instead of runing there every time to check how much the business have, you can check that in your inventory Left is the Vault, while right is the amount you are carrying in your own pocket. Keep in mind that each time you are resurrected by Father Eduard after dieng, will incur a % cost on what you are carrying. Keep you money safe - put it in the vault.

Stat List

Shoppe Keep 2 Stats

Allowing players to equip the vast majority of items in the game has to give some benefit to switching out the gear, so items have statistics. Some help out during combat, other with mobility, and others help out with shop keeping. You are able to see a real time representation of your stats in your inventory UI.


Shoppe Keep 2 Buffs

We have a bunch of consumables already in game, some of them are food crafted by the cook. And they missed something, which was buffs for consuming them! Shoppe Keep 2 now has a system to control, have buffs and debuffs which range from increasing stamina regeneration, to burning your insides when eating a fire ember (Why do you do that?) Others are long buff potions that increase your charisma, or armor rating.

Shoppe Keep 2 Buff Stat


Shoppe Keep 2 Drunk

Buffs are fun and all, but we sometimes want to kick back and open a cold one with the boys. Some consumables will debuff you a tad and increase your drunkenness, messing up your vision depending on how drunk you are!

Pricegun increases

Shoppe Keep 2 Pricegun

At the start of the game, it is fine by moving the price gun value by 1 point at a time. But once the game progresses, we can see us trying to price an item that has 4 or even 5 numbers in the price, which would leave players with carpal tunnel. Now the price gun can increase/decrease by how much each click changes the price!

More life to customers

Shoppe Keep 2 Wave

Customers now don't act all that much as an ant farm, and they walk further distances before deciding what to do next.Some points they visit will make them want to do some actions, such as wave to a npc, or have a short chat with someone. More actions will be added, to make the world more alive.

Main Menu

Shoppe Keep 2 Menu

I can't remember how many times we changed SK 1 main menu. This now is the 3-th I believe iteration of the main menu for SK 2, which we enjoy very much. And while it is not final, We want to have a 3d background complimenting the 2d menu!

That is all for today, as always stay tuned!

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