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A new system similar to the Campaign mode's system is being implemented to GC

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Hi guys, first of all I would like to wish you a happy late Thanksgiving day. This update wont be as in depth or picture filled as the last one, but I'm sure gameplay lovers will like the idea.

Due to space requirements (the in-game command bar is too small to fit all units) I decided to use a new system that replaced the old vehicles with newer ones that fill the same role.

An example of this is the Imperial Victory Star Destroyer, (which is the Empire's level 1 capital ship) which is supplemented by the ISD MK.I but is not replaced. Once the ISD MK.II is unlocked, the system automatically locks the ISD MK.I, but the Victory SD is still usable since it has a different role in combat. At tech level 4 however, the Empire begins its usage of the Turbulent Star Destroyer, which is faster and more maneuverable, making it a great replacement for the VSD.

I'll give you a shortened Rebel Space Unit list so you guys get an idea of how this will affect gameplay:


1- Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser
2- Assault Frigate mk1
3- Assault Frigate mk2 - (Replaces Dreadnaught)
4- Belarus Cruiser - (Replaces Assault Frigate MK. I)
5- Shashore Frigate - (Replaces Assault Frigate MK. II)


1- MC-40 Light Cruiser
2- MC-80 Liberty Type - (Replaces MC-40)
3- MC-80 Home One Type
4- Nebula Class Star Destroyer - ( Replaces Liberty Type)
5- Scythe Main BattleCruiser - (Replaces Home One Type)


1- Z-95
2- X-wing - (Replaces Z-95)
3- A-wing
4- E-wing - (Replaces A-Wing)
XJ-Wing - (Replaces X-Wing)
5- CF-9 Crossfire - (Replaces XJ-Wing)
X-38 TwinTail - (Replaces E-Wing)


1- Y-Wing Prototype
2- Y-Wing - (Replaces Prototype)
3- B-Wing
4- K-Wing - (Replaces Y-Wing)
5- Aleph Starfighter - (Replaces B-Wing)

Corvette/Escort Frigate

1- CR70 Corvette
2- CR90 Corvette -(Replaces CR70)
3- MC30a Corvette - (Replaces CR90)
4- Ranger Gunship - (Replaces MC30a)
5- Sabertooth Assault/Rescure Vessel


What? No pictures?

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