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Yes, I know The Nameless Mod and Shifter don't work together. I'm fixing it.

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Unless you are very out of touch with the Deus Ex community you know that The Nameless Mod was released not that long ago. You're also probably aware (possibly by a frustrating firsthand experience) that TNM will NOT run with Shifter at the same time. Well, I've noticed too. I'm working on it.

Right now, as it stands, I can get TNM running with Shifter, just not well. There are some fairly significant visual issues (startup/mission text not going away, ever) and the hack screen is so slow as to be useless, and that's just the stuff I found in the first 15 minutes of playing. I have my work cut out for me, but I AM working on it.

Shifter v1.8.1 will NOT work with TNM, but the forthcoming v1.8.2 WILL. When will it be out? When I've tracked down all the big bugs, that's when! I'll have to do a full playthrough before I'm ready to release it. In the meantime I MAY put some pre-release versions in my Savefile project folder.

You can also download and compile your own version of the DeusEx.u file from my google code account as I work on fixing compatibility. The project name is "shifterdx". You will need to know how to access a Subversion (SVN) server in order to get my code, and how to compile a .u package in order to use it. No, I will not help you with this; google it and figure out how on your own. :P Otherwise you can just check my Savefile account every so often.

Finally, I have made a topic over at the TNM forums regarding this. I will try to post periodic updates there. Link:


*Takes a seat next to Kee715 and joins him in waiting*

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