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Talking about the changes, and the release of an Episode one only release while other levels are under construction

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Its been a while since the last update, almost 6 months. So here is a release of a new update for doom:the tei tenga incident, called the shareware edition. Basically the shareware edition is a version of the mod that only has episode one levels, and is designed to be a more complete experince for those who are looking to play the mod but want a full release. But there is alot of new stuff, most of which is from the upcoming beta five.

Here is what is new

~Weapons Now require reloading, but its short and fast reloading

~A couple of the older crap weapons where removed

~New maps and refinements on existing maps like the BRAND NEW e1m1

Screenshot Doom 20160912 164747Screenshot Doom 20161001 195128

As you can see its a lot different compared the the much longer and boring original e1m1, and its based much more heavily off of the doom bibles version of hangar two. Also not pictured is a much more fun version of e1m2, which removes a lot of the more stupid design choices(giant dark cratemaze), and makes it a much more fast paced and interesting level to play. There are so many new things in this release, i could go on for hours. Go and download the Shareware edition of doom:the tei tenga incident

Beta 5 is also coming soon, with even more new features



I think this might be better than the older beta 4 which i didn't find fun to play at all (like the first level)

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The new levels are awesome! Nice work. I haven't finished the episode yet but it's looking great.

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