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Information regarding the release of Shadow over the Pathoras 1.2 with GZDoom 3.0.0 support.

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Hello everyone !

I normally don´t write articles about updates, but today´s is an exception.

This 1.2 update is fully compatible with GZDoom 3.0.0 and it also fixes a few bugs, which had been reported to me. The reason for this update is an unpleasant and rude bash I had earned on a certain forum for using an old version of GZDoom due to poor compatibilty between old and new versions of GZDoom. I must say, this update was really tedious and took me some time - I had to rewrite all shop scripts, rename a lot of actors and fix a few issues. But looks like everything works fine.

1.2 Log :

  • Added compatibility with GZDoom 3.0.0
  • Added GLDEFS to hunter
  • Added light to blunderbuss
  • Added fire sound to cannon
  • Added a script and a missing quote to MAP11
  • Fixed MP bugs in MAP40
  • New puzzle rooms in MAP31
  • Fixed texture misplace in MAP19 and MAP37
  • Corrected a few typos


If you find some bugs/error not mentioned in the txt file, report them ASAP, so I can fix it.

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