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Hello All As you can see we have been very busy as of late bringing you the best SGI experience yet.

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We have in the last two weeks , brought on board a new full time texture artist. I would like all to welocome d_jackson to the team. He is only a minor but has more talent in his pinky finger when it comes to textures than most have in a lifetime. He has started finishing the textures on the Tauri side. In the next release of SGI , EVERYONE will be able to admire his work. He has alread finished the hestia and done a outstanding job. Riser has been busy working on the pegasus side of the mod modelwise. I have been working on coding , music, Pointing etc. Eomega is finally back up and runnning and working on finishing up atlantis and a few other top secret projects. Orca has been busy working on our new video and finishing up some models for the wraith and others. Myles has been hard at work on the balancing side no easy task at all. Ben is back onboard full time working on various projects to move the mod forward. We are interested in finding some great coders to assist with the milky way side of the mod and helping merge the mods. For all that interest please contact Either myself or someone else on the team. Also we are happy to announce that we will be moving to diplomacy in the future. For all those wondering why. Diplomacy offers us so much more in the way of scripting the mod than entrenchment ever could. Lastly I wanted to address some things that have been brought up on our many forums pages.

1. no we cant send links to pirated software, nor do we condone it. Please respect everyones intelluctual property rights and do the right thing and buy the game. Heck we are making this AWESOME mod for free. that is the least you can do.

2. We have been forced to move to a new file sharing system in the last few weeks due to the fact that MS SYNC will no longer work after the end of the year and will be replaced by MS MESH 2011 and doesnt play nice with vista and doesnt work with xp at all. On the flip side of that dropbox will allow us to be more creative and more productive.

3. We are still looking for a full time particle expert. If you have what it takes and want to join one of the best and most talented modding teams of all time once again contact one of us.

4. Lastly we dont provide support for sins or entrenchment install issues however to assist you please go to the following link below for assistance. And remeber you can always email ic support for assistance as they are the best ones for assistance with a sins related install issue. But not mod related issues!!

thanks for your time and intrest and please all use the google debug page for all ideas , thoughts bugs etc reporting. But feel free to use the forums pages for general disucusions. We ask this so that your feedback will be recorded and used to assist us in making SGI the best game of all time.

thanks jay

noing - - 1,507 comments

awesome update :) thanks so much

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noing - - 1,507 comments

im glad i have win 7 :)

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A_Drunk_Orangutan - - 212 comments

ok regarding number 2, what does this mean for xp users?

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i418c - - 28 comments

Yes, what does happen to those of us with Win XP?

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