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A how-to on running and setting up a TF2V server

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1: Download SteamCMD.

2: Run the following codes in order in SteamCMD, installing the dedicated server files.

login anonymous
force_install_dir ./source2013dedi/
app_update 244310 validate

3: Download TF2 Vintage, put the tf2vintage folder inside of the source2013dedi folder:

(Insert your link to TF2 Vintage here)

4: Port forward port 27015 on your network in order to be able to broadcast to other users.

5: Open source2013dedi/tf2vintage/cfg/server.cfg and configure your server name, rcon password and any other settings you want.

(For Windows)

4: Start up SRCDS.exe using a .bat file pointing at TF2Vintage to start the server.

Example of a complex .bat file: [From Dio on /radcorp/]

Even simpler:

start srcds.exe -game tf2vintage +maxplayers 32 +map ctf_2fort -console -insecure -high

Take either the URL or the line below and save the contents as a .bat file.

I don't quite know what is required for Linux, since I've never really hosted on Linux. I would recommend though if you're going to set up a dedi, make sure you have a separate computer available to host on for best performance and uptime.

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