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Windows 11 seems to brought an axe to the current version of the mod, but don't be afraid, there is a solution! It just takes some time.

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Greetings admirals!

The latest Windows Update apparently changed something that prevents Fleet Operations to run, and consequently the Evolution Mod too. I'm yet to find a quick fix to it, no compatibility setup, or tampering in the registry or Windows Defender solved the issue. If anyone else knows a quick fix to this, I'm all ears and more than glad to hear it, so don't be shy!

However,, not all hope is lost, because Blade made an unofficial 4.0 version of Fleet Operations. It is not widely used and doesn't seem to be as stable as the current version, but it works nevertheless, and it has some great features.

Unfortunately, it makes some significant changes to the coding, so I have to rework some of the mod. This will unfortunately delay the release of the new version by an uncertain amount of time.

Please note that I'm not planning to make an update for the current version of the mod.

Feel free to post your questions under this article!



Where can version 4.0 be found?

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k_merse Author

On the Fleet Operations forum. It's an unofficial further development of the original Fleet Operations, but all the necessary files will be included in the next Evolution release, so you won't have to do anything extra.
If you would install 4.0 now, it would only crash the mod, so unless you're a fellow modder, I would advise against it.

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