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Going over the things that have been worked on over the past month.

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Hey everyone. It's been a month since the last update, so I figured I would put together a monthly little update, just so people can see this mod is still being developed. I spent a lot of this month working on different weapons, npcs, and models. I'm not an expert with C++, but working with the engine over the past year and reading up on just about everything I can has given me a decent understanding of how things work under the hood. I wont go too far into detail about what's being added, since nothing is final right now and most things aren't finished, but I think you guys would enjoy some of what's being worked on. The demo is being worked on daily, and I think I've got a solid idea for what all will be included in it. One of the maps is...

The Factory

d2 factory 010011

d2 factory 010010

The factory is a massive complex, once used to manufacture matches. It has since been taken over by the Combine, who now use it as a Depot, halfway between the City and the Air Exchange, with trains that come and go daily carrying massive amounts of cargo.

d2 factory 010015

d2 factory 010016

These screenshots are not final, they're missing some polish as well as proper NPC placement. You'll be seeing some familiar faces like Combine Soldiers, as well as some old friends like the menacing Combine Guard.


A lot of time has been spent adding weapons into the game. As you can see in the screenshots I've uploaded, the AK-47 and the MP5k have already been added and are almost finished, they just need some minor tweaks and balancing to get them working correctly. The sniper rifle will also be in the game, replacing the rebels crossbow in vanilla HL2. It's in a working state now, but I need to make the model and make a sight overlay, because currently it just zooms in with no overlay. I'm going to be working on making a new hand model soon, since you don't have an HEV suit in Outcast. The NPC's are also coming along nicely. The Combine Assassin has been added, along with the Combine Guard, the Cremator, The Houndeye, and the Bullsquid. I have more that I would like to add, but I'll have to keep them under wraps for now.

d2 canals 010022

Since the code is now in a workable state, I can finally start putting a lot more effort into the demo. I'm still shooting for Q1 next year, but if this changes then I will of course inform the community. I've been working on this for a long time, and I'm hoping that people will be able to enjoy this world I am building. Well, that's all for now. As always. if you''d like to leave feedback on what you see leave a comment or message me on Discord at Zapagoogas#9716.

d3 airex start0023

sumbum21 - - 87 comments

hey, will this mod need voice actors in future? if so, id love to help!

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zapagoogas Author
zapagoogas - - 40 comments

It is likely! When it comes to it, I will keep you in mind. Thank you for reaching out

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wingster3 - - 45 comments

When is this going to be released?

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zapagoogas Author
zapagoogas - - 40 comments

Demo coming later this year or early next year. Full game is unknown, but it shouldn’t be longer than two years at the most.

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