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We're back again for our regularly-scheduled quarterly update to let you all know that we haven't succumbed to the whole “another dead mod” thing.

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Hey, hey! We're still kickin', are you? Good, we're glad to hear it, because we're back again for our regularly-scheduled quarterly update to let you all know that we haven't succumbed to the whole “another dead mod” thing. Yeah, it’s weird, usually that would have happened by now, right? But alas, you’re stuck with us.

Say, have ya ever wondered how Peer Review got its start? Well, wonder no longer! The talented Amelia Hansford was kind enough to interview the lead developers behind Peer Review and write an article about its origins! Check out the article over on PC Gamer here.

Now that we're done reflecting on the past, let's talk about the… more recent past! As in, this quarter!

Mission 8, Intensity, has been receiving a lot of love! We've got various puzzle sequences and action blocks underway. The mission is coming together well, and is almost in a properly playtestable state! Just as well, we're still whipping up art studies for it and hoping to start applying them to the map proper before too long. Have a gander, let us know if it shoops your whoop.

Intensity - Art Study

Hazardous Course is shaping up as well! Its gameplay sequences are being playtested heavily, with the mission's planned gameplay being about 70% implemented. Playtest sessions are getting lengthier, and it's nice to see just how much playtime we're able to squeeze out of a single map.

The mission Code Green has still been getting plenty of attention. It's a massive mission, and our plans for it make it one of the most ambitious levels our team has ever undertaken. Heck, at this point it's basically pioneering most of the programming and technical prep work we've had to do. Needless to say, it's coming along quite swimmingly as well! The art department is no different, those guys have been giving our dear CG some love as well. Peep some art!

Code Green - Art Study Communications Monitor

You remember Domestic Violence! Good ol' dy_dorms. It was layout-complete last year, and now it's getting assets in preparation for when we tackle its art passes in the future. Check out a few of those here!

Washer/Dryer Set Alarm Clock

Finally, in addition to the swell 2D art up above, we’ve got some concept art of our favorite buckshot-yeeting gunmen to show ya!

HECU Shotgunner

sideill mr 09302021

And that's the update! We'll be sure to see you at the end of the year for a progress report on the final quarter of 2021. Don't wanna wait that long to hear from us again? Feel free to drop into the Peer Review Community Discord server. Whether you wanna rant about Peer Review/Decay, scream about your Source Engine exploits or just generally talk with other fans or us at PSR, our little community is a friendly, safe space for all!

Just as well, if you’re looking for other avenues to hear from us, PSR Digital’s also got a Twitter profile. Here we share stuff related to the project, community works, and general work from our team!

Speaking of working with Source, are you interested in rebooting Decay? Do you look at Half-Life: Decay with a wistful smile, flaws and bad decisions out in the open, and think to yourself, "I can fix him?" Send an application our way! We're always on the lookout for helping hands. We're particularly low on 3D Character Artists, but besides writing and audio positions we're happy to review any application we get!

As always, we really appreciate you guys’ support, and are thankful that you’re keeping up with us! We love to hear your feedback, so if you’ve got questions, comments, concerns, or cries of outrage, feel free to throw those our way.

Until next time!


Looks amazing, nice work PSR!

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Keep up the great work, guys.

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Thanks for the update. It's looking promising!

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Keep it up, it's all looking great. Domestic Violence always (the level, of course) looked cool, but it looks like it'll look even better this time round

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