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We've pushed our biggest update yet! Slow-motion sniping, new effects, and more await you in Sentinels - only $4.99 for the Steam Summer sale!

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Hello everyone! Fun news, updates, and a spectacular sale for you today! Sentinels is only $4.99 for the Steam summer sale, and we've worked really hard on one of our biggest updates ever. This is an exciting one for us - we've been developing this game for years now, but this really does feel like a solid benchmark. Made a lot of progress since entering Early Access, looking forward to making plenty more!


We're also working on adding EA-only perks for you guys. Currently working on gun skins, unique voicelines, and confetti explosions, among other things. We'll keep you updated, and let us know what else you want to see!

Now then, onto the new features. A lot of these are difficult to communicate via screenshot, but we can do you one better! We recently did a playthrough of one our encounters in Speed Trap, showing off all of the cool stuff. Check it out below!

We've added an awesome new feature called chrono mode - slowmo activated by pressing shift while in the mobile gun platform. This is a limited resource designated by a blue energy bar - it will regenerate whenever not actively being used.

We've also added a perch, which will place you high over the action and allow you to survey the action below in slow motion. You can freely activate commander specials (hotkeys 1, 2, and 3) and activatable structures while perching, but shooting will disengage you from the perch.


Strategic energy usage has always been important, but it felt bad when you ran out of energy after a hard battle and couldn't even shoot. Along with some other energy changes, secondary (sniper) weapons will now fire even if out of energy. Your increased energy regeneration won't kick in until you stop firing, but this way you can shoot those little guys trying to escape instead of just staring helplessly.

Some fun graphics changes are in too! We updated the fog effect and really like how it turned out - we'll be iterating more, but give Sierras and Into the Pit a visit for the best examples. A proper entrance and exit teleporter has been added as well.


Orbital laser now has a much more visible presence - before, things could sneak by you and it wasn't always obvious when or where the creeps were getting bugzapped. Now the laser will start hitting earlier, and it clearly represented in a deluge of lava melting all creeps in its path. This functions as a bit of an alarm system as well - if you see it activating, you can quickly go over and knock out some of the creeps before the orbital laser reaches them, saving you valuable charge power.

Killstreaks have also been vastly improved - a little badge icon will now show up on every creep killed once your killstreak begins, and the bar will reset after every 10 kills, allowing you to extend your streak. The longer your streak, the more points and orbital laser charge you get, so keep an eye out for those groups and keep your killstreaks up!


We also made a bunch of tuning and balancing changes to make everything more fun, and can't wait to hear what you think. :) The Steam summer sale lasts until July 5th, make sure to pick up Sentinels for all this fun stuff and more!

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed, and be sure to follow us on twitter for updates.

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