Sentinels: Tower Defense with a twist!

The heroic protectors known as Sentinels have been called back into action! This isn't your typical tower defense - Not only will you build turrets and other defenses, you'll be jumping into first person mode and taking bad guys down yourself!

Using the unique skills of Sam, Kat, and Frank, you'll lay waste to the seemingly endless horde. Deploy powerful automated towers, upgrade them to devastating Elite towers, and watch the mayhem. When that doesn’t quite cut it, jump into FPS mode and activate the mobile gun platform - you'll become a deadly projectile as you move between structures, smashing any enemy that dares cross your path. To round out your lethal arsenal, place manually activated structures and rain down meteors and acid attacks. With an ever-expanding roster of levels, face off against 5 powerful enemy commanders, each with their own unique powers and buffs. From stealth to speed to heavy armor, you'll find yourself challenged every step of the way.

Mobile gun platform: Boop, Fly, Kill


Ever been really, really mad at a creep that snuck past your defenses? As in, wanna smash-it-into-a-building mad? We hear you. With the mobile gun platform, you can do just that. When in FPS mode, press spacebar at any time to launch forward and throw creeps into buildings, walls, and even each other. Besides masquerading as a battering ram, you can use the platform to move to any structure on the map, booping creeps out of the way as you go. You can also activate meteor storms, cold snaps, and commander specials without ever leaving the comfort of your cockpit.

Enemies and bosses with dangerous abilities


These creeps really want to destroy the world, and they do *not* appreciate your interference. They'll try everything they can do to sneak past your defenses, strengthen themselves against your attacks, or even attack you directly. Commanders like Guise will grant her forces stealth and allow them to sneak past your automated defenses uncontested. Brick and Aegis will keep their forces stocked up on armor and shields. But beware of Angel most of all - her icy artillery will freeze everything it touches, shutting down your turrets in a flash!

Weapon modifiers: Make the ultimate creep-killing machine


As you advance in the game, more and more weapon modifiers will become available. You have your typical mods like decrease reload time, increase magazine size... but that's just the start. With advanced mods, you can start massively boosting strength of crit damage, or increase energy cost for a massive power boost. Some mods will help you against specific enemies, giving your weapons shield breaking or armor piercing abilities. The more you level up, the more mods you unlock, and even more are going to be added. The sky's the limit!

VR mode


Meet Sentinels: Onslaught! The VR version comes free with the main game. Jump right into the action and experience the thrill of shooting the creeps up-close and personal. Fly freely across the map, and boop enemies to your heart's content. All turrets are automatically built, and the meteor storm, cold snap, and commander specials are at your disposal. So get out there and start shooting, soldier!

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Sentinels is fresh and updated, with new FPS-only enemies! Check out the patch notes here, or just read on! Also make sure to give us a follow on twitter for all sorts of fun updates.

For awhile now, our balancing has been a push-and-pull between FPS and TD. It's a fine line between guns doing decent damage to suddenly feeling like peashooters, and just throwing more health at the creeps isn't the answer. Now, you'll have multiple enemies that are your responsibility alone to take down, or they'll stun your turrets or heal the surrounding creeps!

Strike Force

Strike Forces are flying enemies, and stun your turrets
Enemy Medics are also high flying, and heal enemies
Mauraders are ground based and will stun your turrets for 4 seconds with each shot.


Currently there are voice callouts for when they spawn, and their path will glow red. We're planning on making the path more obvious. Strike forces and medics will fire their missiles and then leave - Mauraders will continually stun your turrets until defeated.

Enemy Medics

There’s plenty of new stuff in here as well! Other additions include an overhaul to the killstreak meter. Previously, it didn’t impart any benefit besides giving a bit of score boost – the graphics have now been updated, and the streak has been tuned to make it easier to purposefully extend the killstreak yourself. In addition, it grants orbital laser charge with each successful killstreak! The better the streak, the more orbital laser you gain. We’ll be tweaking this as we continue, and will update the voice callouts, but are happy with the direction. The orbital laser bar is now stacked on top of the city bar to better illustrate things. You can safely lose and charge your orbital laser without losing any score or points - it's your first line of defense, and you don't lose anything if it zaps a creep. Just don't let them hit your city!

Stacked Orbital laser bar

A tips and tricks section has also been added! Pretty self-explanatory, you can now browse various help sections and go over controls and mechanics. There will also be help tabs for mechanics not explained properly ingame yet. Expect many more to come in the next few days as well!

Energy build has also been improved – along with a sparkly animation, your energy will rebuild much faster if you stop shooting for a few seconds. You can still do everything else – mobile gun platform, build towers, use energy specials. But when things are getting a little crazy, this will give incentive to sit back and strategize a little bit, letting you watch the board and plan ahead while your energy quickly tops up.


Lots, and I mean LOTS, of tuning adjustments. Several abilities were moved to event-based triggers, instead of cooldown-based. This removes a lot of the randomness brought on by enemy specials happening in the middle of waves. They now will start at the beginning of waves, with a clear callout to let you prepare.

Graphics have also been improved - there's a cool new metallic melting effect on stealth and invulnerability guys, as well as an improved freeze and frost effect!

Frost Effect

Other updates:
Fixed splash screen and updated MindWalker logo
Energy bar now turns purple when adrenaline mode is active
Adjusted marauder hang time
Updated icons
Added small enemy medic
Lowered the energy generation rate of adrenaline mode. Made adrenaline mode drop explosion start killstreak, as well as other explosives
Halved creep escape damage, and capped at different levels based on size.
Changed gun tower to target furthest enemy on path.
Made in game hud draw over sniper reticle, so you can see minimap while sniping.

And tons of little fixes and optimizations per the norm. Thanks so much for reading! You can get Sentinels on steam now, and be sure to follow us on twitter!

Sentinels Devlog #7 - Updates, lessons learned, and a HUGE Lunar New Year Sale!

Sentinels Devlog #7 - Updates, lessons learned, and a HUGE Lunar New Year Sale!


We're coming up to the 1-year anniversary of Sentinel's Early Access release - it's been a rocky road, but we're looking forward to what the future holds...

Devlog #6: 50% OFF and a ton of updates!

Devlog #6: 50% OFF and a ton of updates!


50% off during the Steam Winter Sale, new features, new mechanics, potential VR spinoff... and did we mention it's 50% off?

Sentinels Devlog #5 - New trailer!

Sentinels Devlog #5 - New trailer!


Our first pass at the trailer revamp is live. Still a WIP, so let us know what you think!

The big update is live!

The big update is live!


The huge patch is out - new features galore! New maps, mechanics, weapon modifiers, you name it. Want to play Sentinels for free? Message us, and get...

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