Sentinels: Tower Defense with a twist!

The heroic protectors known as Sentinels have been called back into action! This isn't your typical tower defense - Not only will you build turrets and other defenses, you'll be jumping into first person mode and taking bad guys down yourself!

Using the unique skills of Sam, Kat, and Frank, you'll lay waste to the seemingly endless horde. Deploy powerful automated towers, upgrade them to devastating Elite towers, and watch the mayhem. When that doesn’t quite cut it, jump into FPS mode and activate the mobile gun platform - you'll become a deadly projectile as you move between structures, smashing any enemy that dares cross your path. To round out your lethal arsenal, place manually activated structures and rain down meteors and acid attacks. With an ever-expanding roster of levels, face off against 5 powerful enemy commanders, each with their own unique powers and buffs. From stealth to speed to heavy armor, you'll find yourself challenged every step of the way.

Mobile gun platform: Boop, Fly, Kill


Ever been really, really mad at a creep that snuck past your defenses? As in, wanna smash-it-into-a-building mad? We hear you. With the mobile gun platform, you can do just that. When in FPS mode, press spacebar at any time to launch forward and throw creeps into buildings, walls, and even each other. Besides masquerading as a battering ram, you can use the platform to move to any structure on the map, booping creeps out of the way as you go. You can also activate meteor storms, cold snaps, and commander specials without ever leaving the comfort of your cockpit.

Enemies and bosses with dangerous abilities


These creeps really want to destroy the world, and they do *not* appreciate your interference. They'll try everything they can do to sneak past your defenses, strengthen themselves against your attacks, or even attack you directly. Commanders like Guise will grant her forces stealth and allow them to sneak past your automated defenses uncontested. Brick and Aegis will keep their forces stocked up on armor and shields. But beware of Angel most of all - her icy artillery will freeze everything it touches, shutting down your turrets in a flash!

Weapon modifiers: Make the ultimate creep-killing machine


As you advance in the game, more and more weapon modifiers will become available. You have your typical mods like decrease reload time, increase magazine size... but that's just the start. With advanced mods, you can start massively boosting strength of crit damage, or increase energy cost for a massive power boost. Some mods will help you against specific enemies, giving your weapons shield breaking or armor piercing abilities. The more you level up, the more mods you unlock, and even more are going to be added. The sky's the limit!

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Long time no see! So much to show, so much to tell. Since we’ve last checked in with you (and it’s been… awhile) we’ve done what we do best – push out a ton of new builds and features without really talking about any of it. Time to change course!

(If you just want me to hush and get to the sale, go here. But it's worth the read, I promise!)

We’ve got a new feature in the works, called Frenzy mode, and it really feels like the missing piece in our tower defense/fps chimera. For 10 glorious seconds, you get to be a true commander, floating above your faithful turrets as you tell them what to shoot and when. Those little robo towers have so much faith in you they'll just go nuts. They'll rapid fire at your chosen target with reckless abandon, and you’ll have a grand old time just blowing everything up.

20190925015131 1

You won’t be able to shoot while in this mode, but nothing can shoot at you either. So besides to just feeling cool as hell, it can also double as an ‘oh #&*@!!’ button when you’ve got too many fighters on your butt.

In addition to that, we’ve added some new cinematics featuring some earnest bad guys with questionable intelligence. Enjoy a preview here:

It’s been a long journey (boy have I said that before) but I mean it when I say I don’t regret it for a second. With this new frenzy ability, as well as a lot of tweaks and QoL changes we’ve added, we’re finally feeling like Sentinels is nearly feature complete. We’ve come a LONG way from when we first released in 2017… I went back to check how the game looked when we first released, and it was a bit of an eye opener to say the absolute least.

As a fledgling indie dev, it’s impossible not to look at the mistakes we’ve made along the way. But we didn’t let it stop us, and I can finally say with certainty that we have a game to be proud of. I hope you’ll see that as well :)

We went from... this...

OldMenuScreen mp4 00 00 11 52 St

To this...


To this! And it plays even better than it looks ;)

screen2019  03 17 13 19 53

And if you wanted to see what happened when I revisited the 2017 version, well, here you go.

We’ve decided to raise the price to fit the expanded roster and mountains of new content – but not before giving you one last chance to pick it up for the price of a cup of coffee. The sale ends on the 26th, after which the price will go up to what we expect to be at for full release.

Seriously, I will buy you a coffee if you decide to give Sentinels a chance. You can find me on twitter at Owlgreytea - message me! You buy an awesome game, I'll give your favorite coffee shop a call and hook you up with that sweet sweet caffeine (or herbal tea if that's more your... cup of tea. :))

The upcoming build will have Frenzy available immediately, just to see what you guys think about it, but it’ll eventually be a level unlock so it’s not too overwhelming at the start.

20190925014725 1

Our focus from here on out will be less about new features and more about tuning the ones currently in game. Our vision changed a lot over the course of development, and some features still feel a little haphazard at the moment. We want to make the weapon mod system far more intuitive, and add more customization options. We want to add more loadouts and give you more options for what you want to do with your turrets and specials. And we want to work closely with you guys and make sure that we don’t get lost in the final stretch. Now, more than anything, we want to deliver a game that you’ll enjoy and have fun with. :)

tl;dr: we have a bunch of new features coming out, and price is going up in a few days. Get our badass TD/FPS hybrid for just $5 while you still can!

New Sentinels trailer!! What do you think?

New Sentinels trailer!! What do you think?


Prepping for a big event in Sentinels! Working on a brand new trailer and want your opinions!

Skyguard is live!

Skyguard is live!

News 2 comments

New mode is live with so many other updates and improvements. Also opening up a discord!

New beta - Skyguard!

New beta - Skyguard!


We're back with a brand new tower defense game! New Skyguard beta and the latest updates to Sentinels.

Huge Sentinels news - new update and 50% off!

Huge Sentinels news - new update and 50% off!


We've pushed our biggest update yet! Slow-motion sniping, new effects, and more await you in Sentinels - only $4.99 for the Steam Summer sale!

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