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Basically just a combination of "The Force Awakens" and "Rogue One". I have no experience with this so it will be awhile. I've never coded nor made a model so i don't know how long this will be. If anyone has any tips please contact me.That's it so far so I hope ya'll will keep a hold of your patience, because like I said i have no experience so far. I'll try not to make this a dead mod.

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I plan on adding completely new vehicles, More factions, and hopefully custom maps.

Space Vehicles: (Just a few ideas for now)

- Finalizer

- First Order Tie Fighter

- First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter

- Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle

- Krennic's Imperial Shuttle

- Tie Striker

- Imperial Interdictor

- Imperial Star Destroyer

- Imperial Light Cruiser

- Escort Carrier

- Alderaan Cruiser

- Black One/Poe Dameron's X-Wing

- Daisy Mae/Admiral Gial Ackbar's Fighter

- Echo Of Hope/Mon Calamari Cruiser

- Home One

- Resistance Fighter Squadron

- U-Wing Squadron

Land Vehicles: (Just a few ideas for now)



-Imperial Assault Tank

-Rey's Speeder (As A Hero)

-FO Assault Walker

-FO Special Forces StormTrooper Speeder Bike

-FO SnowSpeeder


-First Order


-Updated Empire

-Updated Rebellion


-Pirates (It Won't Be Abundant with stuff)

Custom Maps:





-Hosnian Prime



-Star Killer Base




Sounds like a cool mod! How is your progress going?

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SenseTrooper Author

Its been 2 years and I only just now got a modeling software that I don't understand how to use. :)

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