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This and previous week, I've been improving Sector Six loot. I have made many changes to random part generation system, made higher grade parts more common, added 22 part properties, gave parts more interesting names, but most importantly – I have implemented relic system and first 7 relics!

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This and previous week, I've been improving Sector Six loot.

I have made many changes to random part generation system, made higher grade parts more common, added 22 part properties, gave parts more interesting names, but most importantly – I have implemented relic system and first 7 relics!

Relics not only are the rarest and the most powerful items in the game - they also have unique effects, skins, and even animations!

I would have made a video about relics, but I didn't have enough time for that, so instead scroll down for screenshots.

With relics implemented, now I will work on the last story mission and several small changes.

Relic facts:

  • After rarity changes, relics are now rarest items in the game, their drop chance is 1 in 500.
  • Relics can be sold for 2 relic fragments. 8 relic fragments turn into a relic.
  • Relics give reliquary items instead of alloy when dismantled.
  • Reliquary items re-roll and transform relics.
  • Relics can have up to 7 properties, but cannot be amplified.
  • Relics are always level 1 and have properties that are useful no matter what level you are.
  • You cannot install more than 3 relics. Yet.
  • You cannot install relic duplicates. E.g.: You can't have two Quasar Domes installed.
  • 7 relics are implemented, I will implement at least 10 more before game launches.


  • Relics.
  • Mission XIII.
  • Rebalanced ability points: +1 ability point per level.
  • Mission XII.
  • Mission XI.

Completed – Minor changes and improvements:

  • New part properties.
  • Improved part names.
  • Higher grade parts are now more common.
  • Relic dismantling rewards.
  • Parts give less damage reduction and reflect chance.
  • Parts give fewer wave chances.
  • Improved item generator: Now produces more random items.
  • Item changes: Changed diode cost, changed certain item sprites, improved item use error messages, improved tooltips.
  • Fixed story mission X glitch.
  • Reworked phase break mechanic: Gain additional damage after taking a certain amount of damage.
  • Channel ability’s ether cost reducing effect now lasts 3 seconds, making Channel much easier to use.
  • Cataclysm ability has been replaced with passive anti-shield ability: Breach.
  • Renamed Phase to Phasse, to differentiate it from phase mechanic.
  • Improved Aggression, Resistance, and Capacity: More powerful, interesting, and consistent with other abilities.
  • Decreased starter part limit to 6.
  • Decreased starter maximum ether to 50.
  • Starter engine now gives less maximum armor.
  • Increased starter ability points to 10.
  • While Guardian of a Thousand Worlds ability is active, Concentrated Fire recharges instantly.
  • Improved alloy containers: New property, increased sell and buy price, reduced city stock.
  • Removed filled alloy containers.
  • Corrected W. warning button tooltip.
  • Ability to decrease the level of MDS modifiers even while they are disabled.
  • Fixed engine glitch.
  • Improved missiles that appear when player's spaceship leaves the enemy range.
  • Guardian is now more mobile.
  • Potentially fixed Black Rain projectile problem.
  • Region update flashes are now brighter.
  • Veteran's ballistic attack is now slower.
  • Improved dialogue system graphics.
  • Oesa's Radiance set effect changed, now base maximum armor is equal maximum ether.
  • Damage bonuses now are applied to damage while Lodeon's Ultimatum set is active.
  • Fixed and improved certain set descriptions.

Not completed:

  • Mission XIV.
  • Broken Infinity endgame activity.
  • Restoration War endgame activity.
  • Shared stash in secured regions.
  • The Machines.
  • New save system.
  • New achievements.

Not completed – Minor changes and improvements:

  • Sector map interface.
  • Improve the implemented Machines.
  • Rework certain achievements.
  • Rearrange achievements in the achievement interface.
  • Level cap changes and game options.
  • Side mission dialogues.
  • Better default controls.
  • Ability to reset controls to default.
  • Ability to reset settings to default.
  • Ability to toggle side mission dialogues.
  • Settings interface improvements.
  • Fix stack buying glitch.
  • Reposition mission interface.
  • Rework achievement interface.
  • Reset difficulty level button.
  • Lock modular difficulty system if the player level is lower than 3.
  • Virtual and physical weapon clarification and stats.
  • Stat page improvements.
  • Connection strength near avatar picture.
  • Adapt backgrounds to screen shaking.
  • Dismantle all and uninstall all buttons should have a tooltip.
  • Holding shift button to dismantle and sell just one item from the stack.
  • Looting improvements.
  • Improve Techamer's cell.
  • Rework loot box.
  • Fix loot box stackable item glitch.
  • Improve artifact carrier.
  • Rework mission III. Again.
  • Improve siege mission.
  • Improve arena mission.
  • Reposition item management buttons.
  • Fix dialogue clash with HUD glitch.
  • Expand dialogue box.
  • Improve shield particles and animations.
  • Improve MDS decorative map in mission select screen.
  • Fix Lodeon's ship glitch when skipping intro cutscene.
  • Intro logo skipping inconsistency.
  • Improve mission I.
  • Make Awakening of Inner Power support all missions.
  • Improve ability bar.
  • Add map decorations.
  • Improve Sector transition cutscene.
  • Rework contribution system.
  • Improve barrager.
  • Improve text input.
  • Character customization: Rename character and change avatar icon.
  • Improve ability interface.
  • Improve ability level scaling.
  • Improve damage text.
  • Cathode rework.
  • Improve controller support.


  • 41 days.


  • 40% of the tasks completed.
  • I'll post again when the percentage will reach 50%.

Until then!

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