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Attention Troopers! Section 3 is back with your latest intel briefing for your operations during the WINTER CONTINGENCY.

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Attention, troopers! Pursuant to REACH CENTCOM executive order 0117 Today Section 3 will be providing another briefing on the forces you will encounter during the WINTER CONTINGENCY.
Today’s briefing will cover forces you will be deployed alongside: The Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Corps.

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As many of you in the service will know, ODST’s have a fearsome reputation that extends from well before our current war with the Covenant.

ODST’s were deployed as covert, anti-insurgency units during the Insurrection, and today they continue to serve in high-risk, covert operations against Covenant positions, far behind the frontlines.

As befitting their specialist, wet-work roles, the ODST’s signature weapons are the M7S Caseless Submachine gun and the M6C/SOCOM pistol.

wcu1030 2

The M7S is an enhanced variant of the common M7 PDW, featuring improved accuracy, stealth, and stopping power. In close quarters, ODST’s with M7’s are extremely lethal; the high rate of fire can easily overwhelm even the shields of some elites.

At longer ranges, however, the M7S is far less accurate. For medium range combat, the M6C is far more accurate. Utilizing specialized ammunition, the M6C has sufficient stopping power to kill most basic Covenant infantry at medium ranges. The drawback is the slower rate of fire, which limits its effectiveness against hard targets.

Though ODST’s limited numbers have relegated them to mostly covert roles, these men and women still have the words “Shock Trooper” in their name. When the mission calls for it, the ODST’s are also some of the best frontline assault troops in the UNSC.

ODST armor offers some of the best combat protection available to human forces, and combined with their inherent toughness, ODST’s can withstand sustained combat against Covenant forces. This makes them ideal for leading assaults with other UNSC branches, or supporting allied forces by taking key positions.

wcu1030 3

ODST’s are proficient in all UNSC weapons, but for offensive missions, ODST’s tend to prefer the BR55 Battle Rifle. The BR55’s unique ammunition and burstfire options make it particularly effective against Covenant armor and shields.

When effecting complex missions, ODST’s will often color their armor, either to distinguish different fireteams or to denote particular mission roles.

Should you find yourself commanding the ODST corps during the WINTER CONTINGENCY, remember that ODST’s with M7 SMG’s and pistols are most effective in close combat. Use cover and stealth to move those ODST’s into close range with their opponents, where their weapons will be most effective.


Likewise, when your ODST’s are leading an assault, you can use their improved defenses and stamina to quickly take and hold key positions on the battlefield. But take care to keep them alive, and know when to retreat when the enemy is overwhelming. Each ODST is ready to give their life in defense of Earth and her Colonies, but their training and equipment is far too valuable to waste.

This concludes the Section 3 briefing for October 30th. Our next briefing will include more intel on enemy forces!

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Looking good ;)

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This is going to be good :D

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10/10 would recruit

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where can i find this on steam

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Its not been released yet.

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