"WINTER CONTINGENCY" is a Halo themed mod for Call to Arms, based on the events primarily around the fall of Reach... Though, other content will be available as well. Take control of Halo characters in an RTS fashion

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Attention, Troopers!


As of recent events in our ongoing war with the Covenant, Section 3 has had to re-allocate its resources to other initiatives, as well as preparation for a migration of assets to a new facility- codename CALLTOARMS.

Rest assured, our operatives have still been hard at work to bring more intel updates for you dissemination. Recently, we have expanded our organization to include more operators, whom you’ve likely seen on our information portal.

Today, CENTCOM has authorized us to brief you on new intel regarding forces that will be deployed alongside. I’m sure many of you may have seen them in an op before, but we are now officially briefing you on our most formidable forces;
We are going to talk about the Spartan operators.

Several decades ago, ONI Section 3 authorized Project ORION, which sought to cultivate the talent and technology that would help enhance our deadliest operators to a new level of efficiency. The lessons learned from Project ORION became the foundation for the SPARTAN and MJOLNIR projects, culminating in the creation and deployment of the Spartan forces.

302670 screenshots 2017081420425

Most of the information surrounding these projects are still very much classified, but no one who has witnessed the Spartans in action could deny what they are capable of.

Spartan operators are elite specialists, drawn from [//REDACTED//] the best men and women across all branches of the UNSC. Spartan candidates undergo a grueling training regime tailored to their enhanced skills as soldiers and strategists.

302670 screenshots 2017081420034

At ONI black sites across the colonies, Spartans hone their skills in wargame simulations: live fire exercises with cooperative, or competitive objectives. Capture the flag or king of the hill may seem like games, but it is these tried and true exercises that build the Spartans into unbreakable teams, and unparalleled warriors.

302670 screenshots 2017081317333

The considerable existing skills of these operatives have been enhanced even further with cutting edge technologies developed by humanity’s greatest minds.

0 screenshots 20161123005742 1

The most distinctive of these technologies is the imposing MJOLNIR armor every Spartan takes into combat. The MJOLNIR armor is the pinnacle of military engineering. With advanced circuitry, quantum energy sources, and liquid crystal refraction technology, the MJOLNIR armor multiplies the strength and speed of a Spartan a hundredfold. The latest in quantum computing and electronic warfare give the Spartan the battlefield awareness on an entire battlefleet. And now, new advancements into shield technology, the Spartans are unmatched in their resilience in battle.

302670 screenshots 2017081317555

The MJOLNIR armor as flexible as it is durable. Modular components allow the Spartans to tailor their equipment to their individual talents and mission specifications. With dozens of loadouts, configurations, and even paint jobs, the Spartans are an imposing and unmistakable presence on the battlefield.

302670 screenshots 2017081318151

The advanced capabilities of the MJOLNIR armor have made other combat technologies that were once considered prohibitive and impractical, into powerful and effective tools for our Spartan operators. These armor abilities tap into the MJOLNIR’s energy and processing power to deploy special enhancements.

302670 screenshots 2017081319064

“Armor lock” allows temporary invulnerability at the cost of movement. “Jump Jet” allows Spartans to leap great distances. Using these abilities requires the ability module to be equipped.

302670 screenshots 2017081322025

The enhanced abilities of the Spartans has opened new possibilities for the design of arms and equipment. Higher calibres, better accuracy, unparalleled reliability, the Spartan’s weapons have been appropriately designed for warriors of their capabilities.

302670 screenshots 2017081321522

The MA37-5D combines durable analogue electronics, improved ergonomics, experimental materials, an advanced receiver, and experimental smartlink sights for an unrivaled AR system. The M395 DMR features and up-sized frame and higher calibre for the kind of stopping power and accuracy that only a Spartan could have. The M7-20 SMG features new ergonomics, smart link technology, and an advanced integrated silencer for portability and stealth. As sidearms the Spartans carry specially furnished M6D pistols with no frills or special enhancements- Except ironsights, and a 40% larger calibre, advanced round with incredible stopping power. Its a sidearm only a Spartan could fire. These are only a few of the many weapons you will see spartans bring to bear.

302670 screenshots 2017081322184

With their unparalleled martial skills and the best technology humanity has to offer, each Spartan is more than a match for the greatest alien warriors, just ask the Covenant.
“Demons” is the moniker given to the Spartans by our enemies; a name that the aliens do not take lightly.

302670 screenshots 2017081317022

Should you find yourself commanding Spartan operatives in a mission, remember you can use their enhanced speed to take the initiative to the enemy, taking high ground or flanking positions. Their energy shields make it possible to withstand an extended battle with the Covenant. Remember to use their armor abilities to your tactical advantage. Be warned though, the MJOLNIR armor’s shields are not impenetrable, seek cover and wait them to recharge if they are down, and be careful when falling back- the shields are weakest from behind.

302670 screenshots 2017081420291

Thank you all for bearing with us through this tumultuous year. IRL stuff made it difficult to maintain regular updates, but the work has never stopped. Indeed we’ve made significant progress on our goals that we set for ourselves this year. The Airborne and Spartan branches have been assembled and will continue to grow.

302670 screenshots 2017081719070

At present we have 15 male and female spartan variants, each with 6 different colors, for a total of nearly 180 variants! Expect more Spartan models and new colors as we move forward.

We also have made significant progress on our vehicles for this mod, thanks to Chaingunfighter, and we continue to make even greater advancements in this area.

As many of you may have noticed, Apone has made some great breakthroughs into our porting and coding processes, allowing us to bring the original covenant animations, and bring new Covenant species and behaviors that were not possible originally. Yes, that means hunters, and that means sword elites.

We also recently began porting our content to Call to Arms. While we were not always fans of CtA, the engine has really advanced far beyond its previous iterations. This has allowed us to re-define what was possible when we started WINTER CONTINGENCY.

302670 screenshots 2017081317115

With regards to our final goal, the WINTER CONTINGENCY demo. That is still on the table, and with the progress we’ve made, its still very possible for this year. I’m hoping to have something ready for that by the end of 2017.

With regards to the status of our AS1 build, fear not. It is still my plan to release our AS1 build along side the CtA version.

Thanks again everyone! And stay tuned for more news and teasers as we drunkenly waddle through the remainder of the year.

Winter Contingency *2017 UPDATE*

Winter Contingency *2017 UPDATE*

News 19 comments

Our 2017 State of the Union - News and Road-map to 2017

Section 3 Update 9/18/16

Section 3 Update 9/18/16

News 5 comments

Attention Troopers! Section 3 is back with the latest intel on Covenant forces.

Section 3 Update 6/15/16

Section 3 Update 6/15/16

News 12 comments

Attention Troopers, Section 3 has authorized a new briefing!

Section 3 Update 4/7/16

Section 3 Update 4/7/16

News 11 comments

Its finally here troopers, your next update, featuring the Insurrectionists and Colonial Militia.

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"These things... they take time" like five years without even a Demo? Come on now. Working on several mods at a time it's not going to help anybody, I been waiting for a release since this mod was being made for MOWAS2. And all we get is an "epic" on the comments from the creator? Oh, for ****'s sake. And before anyone says it, yes, it'll be given to us for free, patience~ all that- I get it, but after five years and we get a couple of screenshots and almost no videos... what's up with the lack of content?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes
λpone Creator


Reply Good karma+4 votes

You will be once you release something.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+10 votes

People. Just stop taking your interest in this Mod. If the creators wanted to publish it, they would have done it a long time ago. As others have done it. In my opinion, this mod has been dead for a year if not better and the developers are just laughing at us. Sure you can tell me I'm a troll. But I just call things as they are. Ignore me, or this mod and its creator are up to you. best regards

Reply Good karma Bad karma+14 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I do agree that the mod is most likely dead even though I wished other wise.

also thankyou for being cordial in how you stated this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

I've had enough time to go to bootcamp, finish a school, go on deployment and travel completely around the entire planet and back in the time its taken you to not come out with this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes

Will there be any other marine BDU's other than the halo reach marines ? like any halo 3, halo 2 or halo wars ones. If so that would be cool to make some pre covenant insurrectionist battles.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
λpone Creator

Offensivebias has worked on some custom BDUs with Halo armor

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thank you for the response, good.to know then ! Can't wait to do some insurectionist vs the UNSC !

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