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Attention, troopers! Today we bring you the first in a series of semi-regular updates, detailing the forces, technology, and locations you may encounter during the Winter Contingency.

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Attention Troopers! In accordance with the latest protocols passed down from Reach CENTCOM, we have been authorized to provide you with intel on some of the forces, technology, and locations that you will likely encounter in your future deployments.

As often as we can, we will update you with new intel along with any developments Section 3 de-classifies. In the meantime, proceed to the following transmission for your briefing.

Thanks to all our supporters so far, as Apone and I gradually hammer this thing into existence.

  • We know our recent videos and previews have got many of you excited, and we are pleased to tell you that we've made big strides since our last update.

  • Our last update was ambiguous over what game platform we were currently developing the mod for. Many of you have asked whether we plan to release for AS2 or CTA.

    As of now we have suspended plans to support AS2 and CTA. These games are still technically under development, and until Digitalmindsoft finishes updating those games, we simply cannot make compatibility changes to Winter Contingency every time there's a new patch.

  • TL:DR, expect that the first release of Winter Contingency to be for AS1

  • Many of you have asked us when we plan to release some sort of demo or beta. As of yet we are still unsure of when that would be. While our videos showcase some of our functioning content, there is still alot in progress and more content we want to integrate. In the meantime, we will hopefully satiate some of your anticipation with some semi-regular briefing on the forces, tech and locales you'll hopefully be seeing in the final release

    With that said, here's our first intel briefing, starting at the bottom, with the Covenant’s basic infantry.

The Covenant armies are composed of many species with many specialties and caste roles. However the vast majority of their infantry is made up of Grunts and Jackals.

In general, these are two of the weakest and numerous enemies you will encounter. But even among these, there are specialties and tactics you must be aware of.

Grunt Minors (orange) and Majors (red) are the most basic infantry you will encounter. They are slow, very weak, and poorly armed, usually with only plasma pistols.

wc up10 13 1

Concentrated fire from even a few MA5 rifles will decimate their ranks.

Don’t underestimate them, however. Every shot fired at them, is a shot not fired at a far more dangerous Elite or Brute. And in large numbers, their slow firing plasma pistols can become a massive volley of deadly plasma, pinning down an entire squad.

Some grunts come with more specialized roles. Grunt heavies (green) are trained to use Covenant, artillery and heavy weapons, such as the plasma launcher or fuel rod gun. Grunt Ultras (white) are selected from only the strongest and smartest of their kind. Ultras wear armor capable of withstanding small arms, and they carry stronger weaponry.

wc up10 13 2

Grunt ultras are rare, but sometimes Elite Ultras will lead entire squads of them, making for excellent shock troopers. Grunt heavies often go unnoticed in large groups of their kin, but they’re use of heavy weapons make them exceptionally dangerous. A single heavy with a fuelrod gun or plasma launcher can easily suppress a fireteam. More than one could wipe out a platoon. Scan incoming forces carefully, and prioritize grunts with heavy weapons.

Jackals, like Grunts, are quite frail, and not much faster. They make up for this by carrying large energy gauntlets, that can easily deflect small arms, and even glancing hits from our heavy weapons. Shield-bearing jackals can be found in both minor (blue shield) and major (purple shield) ranks. They can be typically found leading grunts by themselves, or led in large groups of their own kind.

wc up10 13 3

Against concentrated weapons fire, even jackals can be wiped out; their shields don’t cover their entire bodies, and it only takes a few bullets getting through to kill them. Still, a large group of shielded jackals makes an excellent cover for more dangerous Covenant units. Use explosive weapons to hit gaps between jackals, to wipe them out before they get close.

Some jackals don’t carry shields, and instead elect to be marksman or snipers. Armed with needle rifles, or focus rifles, these jackals can pick off our forces at range, or bring more serious firepower to smaller Covenant units. Seek cover, and use counter-sniper tactics.

wc up10 13 4

This concludes the briefing for 10/13. Stay tuned for more, and greater in-depth looks at the forces you will encounter in Winter Contingency!

thereaperstrain - - 226 comments

Holy. This is friggin awesome man. Can't wait to test out the mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
Woofy_McDoodle - - 195 comments

This looks insane! I cant believe how people turn games into so well made mods!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
Aubesangante - - 2,451 comments

Nice impatient to see the next preview :) (will there be one about UNSC force too ?)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
HighOnTea - - 567 comments

Guys, great work! Absolutely love the progress you've made since the old Halo CE models :)

From the videos it is evident that Elites are very powerful with their weapons and armor combined, just as they should be. However, humans are doomed from the start. Would it be possible to reduce the effective firing distance and/or accuracy for most covenant weapons slightly in order to give UNSC a fighting chance?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
λpone - - 1,883 comments

Most of the time in those videos it's just Human AI with a static position up against an Elite with free move on - so when it's a human enemy who's not using tactics or teamwork effectively, then yeah, they will lose most of the time. It's better when the player is controlling the humans, there is always the chance of winning against an Elite with a few UNSC grunts under the player's control.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Buzztr0n - - 705 comments

This is some fine work guys, great job! The HYPE is real :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Timoleon2000 - - 58 comments

upload the work in progress of the elites and brutes, maybe some spartans too

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