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Secret Mission + Tutorial Mission.

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Terran and Zerg versions of the Brood War secret mission "Dark Origin" are here. Featuring Stukov or Kerrigan discovering Duran/Narud's Protoss/Zerg Hybrid cloning compound, filled with stasis cells that suspiciously contain no Protoss inside them, but rather Ghosts or Defilers. Also included is the Boot Camp Tutorial mission, by popular demand. (Like 2 people but I had fun making it so whatever.) The Protoss version of Boot Camp features some of my worst and most strained sentence mixing yet so have fun with that I guess.

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Before someone asks, the Precursor Demo Campaign tutorial mission is almost exactly the same as the main games tutorial mission. With the only difference being the tileset and layout. So I don't really see the point in doing that one, as it would be very redundant.

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