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While auditing our files, I realized this was not released properly. This is the prologue to the Campaign. The company and team have moved on from Command & Conquer, but we hope we have inspired those along the way.

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Season 0 Episode 0

Prologue: A twist of Fate

By: GeneralJist

V1: 11/23/16

V2: 11/24/16

STCN Central & Idris Corporate Headquarters-New Adana 2077

Richard Newman paced the roof of his R&D lab, with tears in his eyes, looking down onto the rest of the surrounding Idris HQ campus. A year ago, to the day, his friend, mentor, and former CEO for over a decade, Elias Caruso died of a brain aneurysm.

Although they always had differing views on the best ways to rid the world of Tiberium and how to build a better world, they always saw eye to eye on their corporate and humanitarian mission to “Bring our world to Life”. Such Passion, such drive, it was something Richard always admired in his old friend. Even as the Strokes took their toll, Elias held fast to Idris’s mission to save humanity and bring sustainability back to the citizens of the world.

He wasn’t so sure about Evelyn Rios taking over former COO and earlier CFO, who seemed more interested in nonpartisan public relations, than actual social impact. It was under Caruso’s leadership (4 years ago), that Richard’s special research & development team was convened. Developed as a cross disciplinary and cross factional endeavor, it brought together the top scientists of GDI,Nod and the private sector to crack the Tiberium mystery once and for all. Originally a spinoff of the Tacitus R&D directive, Richard’s team grew into its own, and became known as the Tiberium Enigma Directive (TED).

Based in the heart of STCN Central, with staff handpicked by the GDI high council and the Nod Science Ministry, reporting directly to Johann Paascal, Idris chief Scientific Officer, Richard had everything he had ever wanted in his career, and yet, on this day of all days, it somehow felt hollow without his old friend who had set him on this path decades ago.

Staring through the courtyard and miles of GDI security he reminisced, reliving the old days, starting with the day 4 years ago, when his friend and mentor tasked him with a question most were too busy dying, to even ask:

GDI Rig Mk II: Sonic Reclamator  Rig (SRR)

Tiberian Eclipse Firestorm Generator

What is Tiberium?”

Elias had taught him how having the right question can be infinitely better than having the right answer; and so much more….

“Dr. Newman, Dr. Newman?”

Richard realized someone was calling his name, he had no idea how much time had passed.


There stood Lu Chinn, his second in command.

“I’m Sorry Lu, I was just….”

“No, don’t apologize, I understand”

putting a hand on Richard’s shoulder.

“Elias was an old friend of mine too.”

“That’s right, that’s right, you’ve told me before.”

The two men stood there in silence for a few moments.

“What did you need Lu?” Richard asked.

“Well sir, Kane is here, in the main conference hall. In the spirit of our alliance, he wanted to extend his sincere condolences to Rios and all department heads in person. He has a speech prepared to fortify his and by extension our commitment to all of the work done here at STCN Central and Idris”.

“Thank you, Lu, did you set this one up yourself?”

“I’m afraid not, others above me, not to mention you’ve been keeping all us busy of late.”

“There are those above you in The Science Ministry? I thought things went you, Kane God?” How Richard managed to look surprised, indignant, and playful all at the same time was beyond Lu.

“There’s always a higher power on the path to Ascension.” Lu said wistfully.

“Are you ready sir?”

Richard Wiped his eyes with his sleeve.

“Is Rios already there? I know things have been a bit hectic since she won the election for GDI General Secretary.

“Yes, she arrived earlier, It’s a short flight from The Capitol. wouldn’t look good for the acting head of Idris and GDI to be late to an event commemorating her predecessor, now would it?”

“Ahh, yes, of course, she’s filling both roles until the Idris Regents convene next.

“Alright, Let’s go”

As they sat in the conference room, side by side, listening to Kane hand his speech off to Rios, highlighting how Caruso’s legacy would be the culmination of 15 years of Idris collaboration, Lu found himself compartmentalizing a mix of thoughts, emotions and memories of the man they were all there to commemorate.

It’s not everyday you get to mourn the man you spent half your life trying to get assassinated.





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