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The name change, new game logo, whats next and of course a pre-alpha trailer.

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Hi everyone, and sorry for the late update, but we have been busy (which is a good thing) on various areas of the game.

First, as we mentioned in the last update we did a name change to show more of the core elements of the game, instead of having a name that was more directed to a smaller part of it. The new name is more open to what the game is really about, so please take a look at our new logo and let us know what you think! We think the artist did a great job with it and would like to thank him for the great work and communication throughout that process.

Second, we also finished the ship a while ago and are now only working on tweaking stuff, fixing things we found that did not fit and adding some other smaller things. We finished most of the kitchen for the chef and for you as the player to mess around with as well. This model is based on the dutch ship "The Pearl" and we only had a small wooden model to go by, so it has been interesting to find out how to fix some of the issues by including other references from similar ships.

So how many ships are planned in the game?

The current plan is 12 ships, ranging in sizes and styles, all based on real ones. From the 16th century to the 17th century, you will experience some good variations in technology from that time in how to sail them. Of course the sails will not be static on the ships as well, and will fold out as you raise or lower them to gain speed.

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Will I be able to fire cannons?

It wouldn't be a proper age of sail game if there where no smell of gunpowder! Not all ships will have cannons though, but you will be able to protect yourself.


So, where is the Pre-Alpha game play trailer?

Uhm..its right here!

We still have tons of work to do, but at least you Captains get to see something! :)


So, while we have been focusing on most technical stuff for this update, there is not much art to show as of yet, because we also have some stuff saved for the Kickstarter coming up soon. In the next week or so there will be a thunderclap launched before we then head over to Kickstarter now in May.

So the next part for us is to focus 100% on that.


As always, you can join us on discord here;

Also check out our social media pages here:

Thank you for reading the update and if you have any questions or feedback, good or bad, don`t hesitate to reach out!

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