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SeaPort Tycoon moves on! Today's update #4 has been dedicated to trees and their specific function in the game. Enjoy!

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Hi All,

today, I wanted to show you another development progress – in the past few weeks I’ve spent plenty of time on developing trees – they deserve some special attention, as they will have an impact on the game‘s mechanics and economics: Every tree planted will reduce the carbon dioxide emission of the port and this will have a beneficial influence on the overall development of the port itself.

This means that the overall green environment on the empty map spaces will be not just ornaments, but it is supposed to have an own function as well.

It took a while and it is neither finished nor polished yet, given I had to make a deeper dive into Unity’s shaders and batching – the reason for this is that I’m using my own customized terrain-mesh; usually massive quantities of trees work perfectly in Unity as long as they are being integrated into Unity’s terrain.

In SeaPort Tycoon the benefit is that the terrain topic remains fully independent and is an own piece of customized code which enables pretty cool things to play with, e.g. with maps, levelling terrains etc. Maybe in a different article I’ll dive deeper into this topic.

For the time being have a look at the screenshots, leave a comment and/or follow the game development. It would be awesome to have you onboard.

If you want to check the previous update, please visit the previous article.

Have a great weekend,


2207 trees1

Placing of single trees and randomized woods.

It seems that the shader leaves some wholes in the trees - they need to be more dense.


2207 trees2

The code works pretty well, but still, the shader seems to not make its job. Fixing needed.


2207 trees3

Sizings seems to work, wind blows are OK, shader needs to be fixed...

the light green tree discloses too much mesh, too many empty spaces.

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