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A seafaring sandbox adventure game. Fight ships, go fishing, search for sunken treasure, do what you want. - Update: Crew members and Goomba stomping

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This week was all crewmember work. For the first few days I worked on it, I began to realize the AI was getting a little cluttered. So I spent awhile redoing some of the code to make it more modular. It compartmentalized some of the code so things can be more easily reused, as well as making it a lot easier to read and navigate for me.

After that it was back to work on the crew.

Here you can see the first implementation. The gif is super compressed though due to size, so don't pay too much attention that part. You can see that originally the AI liked to get way too close and personal to fight. They didn't really get much done that way.

Here's the most recent version (also compressed some due to size). You can see the AI reacts much better to what's going on around it. My crewmember sat on the ship to try and keep the enemy off, then came to my defense when the enemy started coming after me. The AI will also now shove the other person away if they try to get too close. You can also see that I made it possible to use NPC's as stepping grounds to jump off of, even if they are mid-jump themselves.

Looking Ahead

The basics (and some more intricate stuff) for the crew AI are done now. I'll probably spend a few days making sure there are no glaring bugs in the crew AI, then start work on the cannons again and getting the AI to use them. Oh, and I need to make a way for you to call back your crew in case they go off on their own to fight enemies. Might do that first.

Play Seafarer

Version of the game is up now with some of the new things, so feel free to try that out on the site. Beneath the game you'll see the date the web build of the game was last updated as well as its version number. If you submit a bug report, please include the version number.
Other than that, play away.


wow, amazing work.

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This game looks pretty interesting. You're going to add cannons now. That's good. :D

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This looks amazing :D Nice to see that you have progress :)

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