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A seafaring sandbox adventure game. Fight ships, go fishing, search for sunken treasure, do what you want. - A rundown on the past week's work as well as what's to come.

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Lots of behind the scenes work this week, but it all culminated into some neat stuff. Let's recap:

Since you can jump off the boat, get knocked off by an explosion and so on, I need to make a way for the player to get back on the boat. Eventually you might have a big enough ship to house a crew and you could order them to lower a ladder or rope, but what about when you're just starting and you don't have those things? So I made a system where when you're not on your boat a ladder lowers into the water. When you get back on your boat, it raises. Here's some shots of it in process of being made.

Day 21
Day 22

I'm not really sure if it should be a ladder or anchor. I was thinking about making the anchor be something that you have to purchase and having different types, so I'm not sure yet.

I also did a lot of work on the camera to allow for transitions between on foot and on the boat. Then there's the turning that I just finished putting in too.

Day 22.5

The mast will be affected by wind speed and direction eventually so I have it rotate independently of the hull. In this example the wind would be blowing left pretty strongly. Moving left would then give you more speed than moving right would.

This week I'll be working on the ability to move between layers and fixing all the bugs that will probably surface. Then probably start toying with wind speed and direction.

Let me know what you think! Suggestions, comments and so on are always welcome.


This thing looks sweet! As you asked for suggestions, here are mine:
First, if you're already able to get off the ship, will you be able to visit islands not just swim? Then my idea would be that you could gather resources like food/wood etc on the island and use them to satisfy your immediate needs or help upgrade your ship/gear.
Then on the island you could have maybe bandit camps with watchtowers and tents/houses so you could sneak into the camp, saboutage the towers and then launch an attack with your ship? Reward would be ofcourse loot in the camp.
Then how about caves on the islands where you could find loot and maybe have a small miniboss at the end, like a mean bear ir some more mythical creatures like harpies etc.

Lastly, what about a weather system? Rain, wind, storms and waves which would affect your speed, your ships health etc.

That's what I have right now, I just discovered this game, and I do see it has great potential!

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Veshch Author

Yeah, you'll be able to go on islands. Some will have towns, npcs, treasure, things like that. I thought about dungeons you find on land too for the more landlubber people to enjoy. Harvesting on land has been mentioned by a few people but it's not really something I plan on focusing on at the moment, but it would be possible in future builds.

Weather is something I really want to put in. I want to have wind that can change speed and direction which affects your ship and the mast visibly. A day/night system would also be nice and having actual storms would be as well.

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Sweet! So I suppose you have thought of everything xD

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The anchor could have quite a good gaming mechanic, because it would have plunged so deep down pulling it onto the boat would take time allowing pirates to get aboard!

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