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Let's take a look at the playable races, and their Traits, cultures, and weaknesses briefly.

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Natives of the Land

In the Continent, thousands of creatures live in the world. From big bad ogres to mean little ratmen. But there are only a handful of races that actually dominate the land. These races go by two categories. Elder, and younger races. The ones, that helped the first dragon king and fought with a race called angels are the elders. Younger races hadn’t enough technology or simply did not exist in the time of war. But later granted recognition from several dragon kings. Let's start with the elder races first.



Humans are not natural creatures. They are created specifically for battle by the first dragon king. They may not be the strongest or the fastest, but their body is extremely efficient. Their body adapts to nearly anything. They can run for days, can endure hunger(not thirst), cast devastating magical abilities even stay underwater for hours with the right training. Humans are known for their bravery, creativity, and influence. They are everywhere today. Humans have the natural lifespan of 80 years. Most races don’t have a natural lifespan because they are natural born creatures.

There are two main factions in the human race. Nomads and Settlers. Nomads are as the name suggest, travelers. Their original objective used to protect the younger races and the continent. But now, they have a city named “Hiwa” and they mainly raid settlements and cause trouble wherever they go. Settlers, which has four different sub-faction, are the second human faction. Settlers plow the land, live in stone cities and castles. They claimed most of the continent to themselves. Which they constantly fight each other for more. Settlers were granted land by the first dragon king. But in later decades, they revolted and caused the destruction of the elder empire(which founded by the first dragon king).



Dwarfs are one of the elder races of the land. They used to be the sole race to have the ability to build complex mechanisms and buildings. But today, most of the surface dwarfs are assimilated by settlers or living underground with their secrets. Underground dwarfs are rarely seen on the surface. They don’t have any interest in the surface world apart from some specific trade/magical resources. Surface dwarfs are the inventors of the gunpowder. But after its invention, they became mad with fear of some nation stealing them. They sent the formula to the underground dwarfs just before settler invasion and it has never been seen to this day.

Dwarfs are shorter than humans. But not weaker from them. They have a stocky body and a strong hearth. They are very fertile and tend to have many kids(10-20). Unlike other species, they have a very little connection to the magic. This also means they are pretty resistant to magic as well. Dwarfs have strong hair and beard growth. Beard can grow as long as the dwarf is alive. it is said some dwarfs use their beards as a rope to climb the caves. It is said dwarfs live one century before born. They have a wisdom to them.

Underground and surface dwarfs are very different from each other. surface dwarfs are more content with life. Though they became talented traders. Surface dwarfs live with human nations and generally, they don’t receive much of a discrimination towards them. But underground dwarfs are ambitious and military. They tend to quick to anger. Legendary dwarf berserkers taking on demons becomes believable after seeing them. Dwarfs are known to have no magic. But their language has some magical properties. Some dwarf said to find ore veins or Nalfa creatures by “speaking with them” This ability has no range limit and can only be done with rare underground dwarfs. Underground dwarfs have silver eyeballs. And their eyes don’t see well compared to surface dwarfs.



Elves are one of the younger species that inhabit the land. Unlike their primitive ancestors, Elves don’t necessarily live in forests. They can be found anywhere. They generally have a little longer height than average humans. They have pointy ears and sometimes long noses. Their skin tones have similarities with humans. There can be darker elves as well as pale ones. But they are the same race. Elves have generally Black, Brown, or reddish hair color. Yellow is uncommon and white, Silver or grey are rare. They always look young(with some exceptions) and do not age so they don’t have a natural lifespan.

Elves are definitely adventurous. Young elves don’t stay in their village for long and most of them don’t come back again. Elves are considered childish. Their heightened emotional responses reinforce this belief. Their affinity with magic makes them more perceptive of magic. Some elves can even see it as some type of gas in the air.



Orcs, one of the dominant ones among younger races. Even at the tribal stage, they were a force to be reckoned with. Orcs are generally faster stronger and more resilient than humans. But both more aggressive and violent. Beating an orc in duel considered an achievement. Some of the races believe orcs will be the next dominant species. Orcs have magical abilities and can use them as humans do. They have average intelligence compared to humans. Orc chiefs have a strong sense of honor. But their subjects can be different. They are viewed as aggressive scavengers and it is true for some orc tribes. These tribes may even eat other race’s in order to survive. Which is forbidden.

Some orcs born with certain mutations. These orcs called firstborn and they look like a bigger goblin. Their intelligence is limited and they don’t live long but they are very fertile and their increased smell and hearing capabilities allow them to be used like dogs. Most orc woman’s first child is a “Firstborn”.



Goblins are shorter than average humans. But as the same height as a dwarf. They have a somewhat long face which separates them from other races. Their race has magical abilities, but generally, they don’t cast magic. They are mostly rune makers. Their eyes, ears, fingers or even dried skins can be used as a magical ingredient. It is used as both medicine and poison.

They are curious people, which causes them to steal other people’s stuff. They are master builders, assassins and artifact raiders. Their curiosity makes them hungry for the world and magical knowledge. They care and trust more to a person of their own species. They can cooperate with each other despite the high number of the population. They are the builders of a gigantic city called Hiwa and live with nomads. The ruins called Dhuur is their old city. goblins see dhuur is the father of hiwa.


Dumag (People of Dumag)

Slavemasters, kidnappers. They are mostly associated with these words. As a younger race, people of dumag are infamous for capturing other races. They are dangerous. What differentiates them from others is they use both technology and magic. Even common foot soldiers can use one or two magic abilities.

People of Dumag have average height and weight compared to humans. They have horns and they don’t seem to have an eyeball. Their horns can regrow like hair but at a slower rate. Soldiers generally cut their horns to prevent the enemy from using grapple moves. They are really strict and protective about their culture. They don’t talk about it to strangers or other races.



Arta is the last of the younger race. Female arta have legs, males have a tail. Males can breathe fire, Females can petrify people. Males have insane power at their tails. They can crush nearly every humanoid creatures with their tails. And some of them can knock out people with just one punch. Females are physically far weaker than Males but They are fast, their lower muscles are at an increased rate compared to humans. Which makes them fast runners and climbers. They can cast magic. But it's not strong. Most of the arta thinks magic as a woman’s weapon. For every 5 male, there’s 1 female. Arta people mate like other races, but female lay eggs after one month later. So far, only their race breaks the eggshell before suffocates. This prevents other races from mating and creating sub-species. They have increased hunger. But decreased lungs. They don’t know how to swim And too hot or too cold climates can be fatal for them.

These are the natives of the land. They all will become selectable characters as the project progress. All have different traits and the world acts differently to them. Adventure awaits, which one will you be?

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